Records Clerk Cover Letter

Sending a cover letter to the employer while applying for any job position is important, but at the same time sending a correctly written cover letter is also equally important. Most of the job seekers do not understand the right way of drafting a cover letter. The records clerk cover letter examples given here will help you in drafting your cover letter.

A cover letter may either be an application for a particular job position or it may be an enquiry letter to know if there is an opening for a particular position with the employer. A cover letter should clearly convey the purpose. It is very important to address your letter to some responsible person in the organization. If you have some references from where you came to know about the particular position then you should also include it in your cover letter.

Job Description of Records Clerk

A records clerk keeps track of the records of the company. These records may be of any kind - financial records, billing details, and any kind of important non-financial records. They keep a track of the records, locate them, retrieve them as well as destroy those records as and when necessary. Different types of organizations maintain different kinds of records hence the work profile of a records clerk also varies to some extent in each organization. Records clerks are mostly functional in healthcare industry.

Records Clerk Cover Letter Example

Thomas Carter
32 Maple Street
Carter Avenue
San Jose
CA - 56445
Phone: 747-847-8477

Date: March 5, 2012

Ronald Collins
Recruitment Lead
Dreamland Pvt. Ltd.
San Jose
CA - 27827

Reference: Richie Willis, Senior Accountant in Dreamland Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Mr. Collins,

I am keenly interested in the position of records clerk available in Dreamland Pvt. Ltd. I came to know about this position from Richie Willis, Senior Accountant in Dreamland Pvt. Ltd. I understand the requirements of this position and I feel certain that I satisfy the required credentials.

I have 2 years of working experience as an accountant with UMG Group of Hotels and 3 years of working experience as a records clerk with Natural Group. My outstanding accounting skills and analyzing skills will definitely help your organization achieve its objectives.

My resume enclosed with this application will give a detailed idea about my credentials. You can contact me anytime on my personal contact number or mail me.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas Carter

(Mention the enclosures attached with this application)

Records Clerk Cover Letter Example

Kevin Evans
676 Fountain Rd.
Evans Cottage
New York
New York - 93938
Phone: 292-535-3777

Date: March 8, 2012

Jason Nelson
OPD Hospital
New York
New York - 66766

Dear Mr. Nelson,

This is to know if OPD Hospital is currently looking for enthusiastic, skilled and highly organized individuals for the position of records clerk. I am extremely willing to be a part of OPD Hospital and utilize my skills, knowledge and experience in maintaining hospital's important records.

I am highly detail oriented and organized with good computer handling skills. My total experience in this field counts of around 6 years which gave me enough knowledge to handle and maintain the records of medium sized organizations individually.

I have attached my resume along with this application which will give you a detailed idea of my skills and knowledge. Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Kevin Evans

Hope, the records clerk cover letter examples given here helps you in drafting your cover letter and make your job search successful. You can make changes in your letter as per the requirement and personalize it.

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