Shipping Clerk Cover Letter

land in the position of a shipping clerk in a reputed company, write a shipping clerk cover letter along with your resume. Shipping clerks are important employees in the shipping department of any company. They are the ones who coordinate with other companies and ensure that all goods are delivered in time.

Shipping clerks are experts in logistics. They also have to be good in geography. They map out the routes for materials to be shipped so they reach in time. Any delay could cost companies thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is important for them to perform well. They are well paid by the company they work in. They also get opportunities to move ahead in their profession. Therefore, it is better to do all you can to get this job and a cover letter is an ideal first step.

The trend of cover letters has picked in the past few years and you don't want to be left out. This letter will considerably increase your chances of get an interview call. After that, it is up to you to do well in the interview. One important thing to remember is to not get carried away while writing this letter. All the facts you put about yourself in the letter should be true.

Write this letter and see the results for yourself. If you have not the faintest idea on how to write a shipping clerk cover letter, we have provided some rules and a sample for you to read and understand the whole concept.

Tips for writing a foolproof shipping clerk cover letter:

  1. Keep this cover letter as simple as possible. You might be tempted to put in details about your work but they can be given in the resume
  2. Start the letter by giving the exact date of the advertisement. Send the letter as soon as possible so the interviewer knows that are responding immediately
  3. If the company you are applying to is well known in their field, mention this in the letter but do not go overboard or the compliments will seem insincere
  4. Since this is a clerk position, it is clear that you were probably worked in a team. State the number of team members you worked with so the interviewer knows that you are comfortable working in a team
  5. Next, mention your expertise in managing shipping dates and timings because the employer would be interested in those details
  6. Mention your knowledge about the roads how good you are a charting routes for shipping
  7. End the letter by insisting upon an opportunity for an interview and thank them for considering you
  8. Listing the enclosures is a must in the cover letter

Using these same points, a cover letter has been drafted for your benefit. Read the letter so you get the whole gist of it.

Sample Shipping Clerk Cover Letter

Jacob Steele
4165, 73rd Street
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
(737) 782

Samantha Roberts
Creations Clothing Ltd.
525, Baltimore Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dear Ms. Roberts,

This letter is in response to advertisement on March 23 in Baltimore Times about the opening of shipping clerk in your company. Creations Clothing is one of the largest companies in Baltimore and I would like nothing more than to be a part of this company. Hence, I am sending all the required documents with this letter.

I have worked for two years in the In Trend Clothing Company as a shipping clerk. I was in a team of five clerks and we handled all the shipments that came in and went out. We were given the freedom to look for newer and faster routes. Not once was there any delay in the deliveries, even in bad weather conditions.

I have deep knowledge of all the highway routes within the state and can chart out the fastest routes with ease. I am also well organized and filed all the shipping documents. I am confident of being a great addition to your company.

I request you to grant me an opportunity to meet you for this position in Creations Clothing. Other than the contact information given above, I can also be reached on my cell phone. The number is (626) 266 7987. Thank you being patient and reading my letter.

Sincere regards,
Jacob Steele


  1. Photocopy of resume
  2. Photocopy of certificate of course in logistics

This letter is probably the simplest sample of shipping clerk cover letter. The reason we have kept it simple without going into too many details is so you can use this letter as your own just by making changes in the names.

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