Unit Clerk Cover Letter

A unit clerk cover letter will help the employer in reviewing your credentials without spending his time going through your entire resume. Employers get thousands of resumes and applications each day. It is really difficult for them to choose competent candidates from these applications. However, even if you have the required skills and accomplishments there is possibility that the employer may not select you. In such case, cover letters helps you in highlighting your relevant credentials and help the employers in making their decision of calling you for the interview.

Job Description of Unit Clerk

The roles and responsibilities of a unit clerk are similar to that of any clerk but the only difference is that they work with healthcare units and clinics. A unit clerks handles all the clerical activities of a healthcare unit such as assembling the papers, sorting them and answering phone calls, etc. He provides necessary papers and records of the patients to the doctors whenever requested. A unit clerk also directs the nurses by providing necessary information for them regarding their shifts and the requirements of the patients as suggested by the doctors. A unit clerks should have knowledge of the functioning of the healthcare units and should be able to understand the requirements of the administrative staff.

Format of Unit Clerk Cover Letter:

Contact Section
(Name of applicant)
(Address for correspondence)
(Contact number)
(E-mail address)

Date: (MM/DD/YY)

(Name of employer)
(Company name)
(Company address)

Subject: _______________________ (Optional)
Reference: _________________________ (Mandatory if available)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss __________,

Opening Paragraph: The beginning paragraph of your cover letter should be two-three sentences long. It should emphasize on the reason behind applying for a particular position and why are you interested in that position. If you have any reference from where you learned about the particular position then do not forget them to mention in the very first paragraph cover letter. References always increase the weight age of your application.

Middle Paragraph: This paragraph is dedicated to your credentials and professional experiences. Include relevant experiences and credentials that will impress the employer and will force him to extend a meeting with you. You should not summarize all your skills and qualification here; only the exceptional ones should form a part of your cover letter.

Closing Paragraph: Here, express your gratitude and thankfulness to the employer for reviewing your application and refer him to your resume for further details. Provide any alternate contact details if you want.

(Name of job seeker)
(Signature - Optional)

(Enlist supplementary documents that you are sending with this application)

Unit Clerk Cover Letter Example

Paris Martin
092 St. Paul Road
Green Avenue
Texas - 92873
Phone: 378-738-9200
E-mail: paris_martin@example.com

Date: December 26, 2011

Noah Collins
Recruitment Manager
Immune Hospital
Texas - 20948

Reference: Jordan Jackson, Senior Nurse at Diagno Hospital

Dear Miss Collins,

I am sending my application for the position of unit clerk in your organization with reference to Jordan Jackson who is working as a Senior Nurse at Diagno Hospital. I am interested in working in this position and believe that my accomplishments match your organization's requirements.

I am currently working as a unit clerk in Western Hospital. I have worked earlier with GK Hospital. My total experience in this field is around 4 years. I have required knowledge and good organizational skills essential for this position. I am flexible with timings.

For more details about my profile, refer my resume attached with this application. If you find my profile suitable for the said position, you can contact me at 378-738-9200 or paris_martin@example.com any time.

Thank you for showing your consideration and appreciating my application.

Yours sincerely,
Paris Martin

Following the format of unit clerk cover letter given above, you can draft your own cover letter. You can use the same format to draft any other cover letters as well.

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