Recreation Coordinator Cover Letter

A recreation coordinators job is to mainly plan an event, promotion and marketing activities, supervising the entire group for recreational activities, monitoring, evaluation and reporting programs. The main responsibility of a recreation coordinator is scheduling program management and supervision for recreational facilities. This will usually include ensuring that clean, well-ordered and safe environment for activities and sports is conducted by the organization from time-to-time. Recreational activities are performed for the enhancement and increasing the quality of life of the participants, for generating income for the organization or for therapeutic reasons.

Recreation coordinators will always have to report to the director of the organization or any other intermediaries for whom they have to follow the recreation responsibility. Most of the recreation coordinators will the organizations directors themselves, and they will have to supervise coaches, lifeguards, facilitators, maintenance and other things for the staff members. Sometimes these coordinators will also have to supervise the equipment upkeep, maintenance, general repair and safety monitoring. If a person is working in health care industry, the coordinator will have to evaluate the client, come up with therapeutic recreational treatments and public relations as well.

The responsibilities of a recreation coordinator can be many things like, recruiting permanent or seasonal staff, recruiting volunteers, evaluating programs, reporting some results and staff assignments. They might also have to design and distribute the promotional fliers, issue the latest events press releases and announcing the past or upcoming events. From time-to-time, they will also have to contribute in formulating the policies or special programs for an organization and come up with new directions for the organization. Some of the other duties for the organization is monitoring the different preparation in the facility and monitoring events, event planning, event booking, rental of different equipment and many such things.

If you have some relevant past experience and looking for a change, then you must write a strong cover letter to help you get noticed. This article will provide you with a sample recreation coordinator cover letter that you can use for writing your own cover letter.

Recreation Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Rene Holt
3316 Edgewood Street. Blytheville,
AR72315 870-945-9869


Ms. Kim Edwards
All Saints Health Care,
1851 Haul Road,
San Francisco, CA94143

Dear Ms. Edwards,

Today, my intention in writing this letter and sending it across to you is for the job application of Recreation Coordinator position that is currently open with your organization. I am sure that I will be bringing excellent skills and relevant background, which you are looking for the candidate who will be working for this position. This you can find in full illustration in my resume, which is attached along with this letter.

I have completed my education in Physical Education and have been working in the recreation industry since the last seven years. I am aware of the needs that every department has, and the needs of all those who will be benefitting from your organization. My excellent communication skills let me positively direct all those people who need a brand new agenda every day.

It is important for any particular organization to have a complete operational team, which will immediately organize all the recreational needs of their specific client and take care of them. For the same reason, I am sure that I would be an added benefit for your organization and I can easily lead the entire recreation team with enthusiasm. I would like it if you could give me a chance for sitting with you and illustrating my experience in detail. Any time you want to call me is perfectly fine with me; you can call me at 870-945-9869 or e-mail me at Thank you for reviewing my letter.

Rene Holt
Your Singnature

Enclosure: References, Resume

Give your best introduction in the letter, so that the recruiter is impressed in the first time itself. All the best!

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