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Have you ever seen someone who is constantly promoting an event? Then these people are known as volunteer coordinators. This is one of the few jobs that require a person to have all interpersonal, organizational, and managerial skills at their hands. These professionals will never get bored of their profession, because they are constantly loaded with work. If you are looking for a job as a volunteer coordinator, then following are a few areas where you need to have expertise:

These are some of the important qualities that a volunteer coordinator must possess. However, when you start applying for jobs, you have to write an effective cover letter along with every resume that you send out. Some people may think that cover letters are not mandatory, but they are mistaken. Cover letters are highly important these days and they must accompany your resume under any condition. Writing a cover letter is very simple you need to be precise and detailed at the same time. To provide you with further help, this article will provide you with an example volunteer coordinator cover letter.

Volunteer Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Mary Rodriguez
1038 North Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903


Paola Morales
Vision World
1828 Kidd Avenue
Fairbanks, AK99701

Dear Ms. Morales,

Re: Volunteer Coordinator Position

While going through the latest volunteering positions, I came to know you are looking for a volunteer coordinator who can manage the entire Aids benefit program. I have always believed in volunteering for a good cause. Therefore, when you go through my resume you will come to know that I have vast experience in this field. For the same reason, I would be more than glad to offer my knowledge and talent to such a good cause.

When you glance through my resume, you would know that I have worked both in volunteering services, and in professional setting as well. Since the last 11 years, I have been working in the non-profit sector, on part-time basis. In this profile, I have coordinated with various businesses and communities to implement or create a campaign that supports a good cause. One of the fundraising events, I organized was giving people awareness on Aids. I have a good network of businesses and clients, also I have contacts with the state and city community councils, and except for this I pride myself in what I do.

Therefore, I could not wait any longer and took this opportunity to send across to you my application letter. I would love to be a part of Vision World. If you think that I can be an ideal candidate then please give me a call at 434-924-1340. I would love to have the opportunity of a personal interview. Thank you for giving your time.

Mary Rodriguez
Enclosure: Resume

While you write a letter for the position of a volunteer coordinator, you have to be very specific about your passion to offer volunteer services. You just give the employer enough reasons in the resume and cover letter to hire you. Make sure that your first impression is a long lasting impression. Good luck!

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