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Bus Driver is a popular position in the United States. Drivers are needed to drive school and city buses for students and passengers to travel from their source place to the destination and vice versa. There are many travel companies that hire drivers to run their buses for their clients. As there is always a requirement for drivers, it makes it necessary to know how a bus driver cover letter is written.

Tips to write bus driver cover letter

  1. Before starting to write, go through the job description if the cover letter is written for an advertised position. Pick keywords from the job description and make sentences on them to define your experience and skills. Describe how you developed those skills are and used in your career.
  2. Besides driving skills, drivers are also expected to bear interpersonal skills since they have to communicate with customers regularly. In addition, they are also supposed to be tactful, initiative, and someone who can handle difficult situations and save the lives of passengers on the board. Highlight how you perform communication with customers. If there has been any incident in which you have acted as a hero, add it freely.
  3. Drivers are also supposed to read maps, collect cash, and fill out reports. This means the employer will expect him to be good in verbal and written communication skills. He must have knowledge of grammar and mathematics calculations. Mention your skills to read bills, and invoices, collect cash and fill out reports. Specify that you can make calculations based on the distance, mileage, luggage and number of passengers.
  4. The readers should realize that you are aware of the responsibilities of your profession. A bus driver must hold a valid license, clean record, and give importance to the safety of the passengers. Clarify all these qualities in one to two sentences only.

Bus Driver Cover Letter Sample

John R. Lee
696 Scenicview Drive
Midland, TX 79701
Phone: 432-234-3925

September 01, 2013

Robert N. Manuel
Hiring Manager
Bus America
955 Mapleview Drive
Midland, TX 79702

Re: Application for the position of bus driver

Dear Mr. Manuel,

You have recently mentioned on your website that your organization needs an experienced bus driver with a valid license and a clean record. Since I bear these qualities and am looking for a job, please accept my application for the same.

I am a high-school graduate and have been working in the driving field for the last five years. As a bus driver, I understand that the comfort and safety of the passengers depend on me. I always drive the bus keeping these thoughts at the top of my mind. And I am happy to state that I have never had any kind of accident, whether big or small, until now. Twice I have earned the award for safe driving from my previous two employers.

My interpersonal skills and my talkative nature have made me a familiar face among customers. Of course, I maintain strict silence while driving. And when interacting with customers, I see that I follow the professional codes and maintain dignity and courteous manner. I am even capable of performing minor maintenance work the knowledge which I gained from being friendly to and assisting the maintenance team. I also inspect the bus before and after every trip. In case I find any problem, I immediately report to the concerned department.

My education has helped me in reading maps, road signs, filling out forms, do calculations and collect cash. You can also realize from this cover letter that my written communication skill is good. The verbal communication skill can be judged when we meet to discuss on the available position.

Please read the attached resume for details of my experience. I can join your organization in a month's time after serving the notice period. Call me and let me know a day in advance when can we meet. Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.


John R. Lee

Enclosure: Resume

This bus driver cover letter is written as a response to the advertisement on the website. You can edit it in case you are applying for an advertised job. The starting, however, will be different if you are writing an unsolicited cover letter.

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