Cabinet Maker Cover Letter

Cabinet makers are people who are professional wood makers that are capable of producing and repairing wooden cabinets as well as other furniture pieces. Apart from this, they design and evaluate blueprints and other available materials. These professionals make use of their hands and various machines to cut, shape, fit and finally make the wood into ready products. Applying for such a position may require a cover letter that should be accompanied with the resume. The cabinet maker cover letter should include pertinent information such as experience, training, constructing or repairing items made from wood.

For such a skilled worker, employers may want the candidate trained on the job through an apprenticeship program and may require few years of experience before they are considered as skilled cabinet makers. These makers should be extremely skilled with their hands and should learn to use a number of tools, machinery and products. These professionals should adapt at following the different steps and instructions related to work. Familiarity to wood such as the color, grain type and other characteristics are essential in the entire process of production, supervising and engineering. An official schooling may also be required to earn an appropriate degree. Employers and contractors these days are favoring cabinet makers with computer design skills over handcrafting skills. Hence a degree or knowledge in computer design and modern technology should help you in great deal to stand out.

Below is a sample cover letter for cabinet maker cover letter that will help you as applicants and specify your abilities in detail and show that they know what is necessary to get the job.

Sample Cabinet Maker Cover Letter

David Wilson
3467 Market Street
Los Angeles, CA 5639


George Gunderson
Hiring manager
House of Cabinet Makers Ltd
Honey Lane 689
Seattle, WA 56490

Dear Mr. Gunderson,

From (mention the source of job Vacancy), I have learned about your requirement of a candidate for the post of cabinet maker. I am interested in the position and believe my education and employment background are appropriate for it.

My work experience includes:

I would be grateful to welcome the opportunity to discuss further on my skills and abilities. I appreciate if you consider me in this regard. I look forward to meet you soon. I can be reached through phone (insert your contact details) or email me (mention your email address) anytime.

David Wilson

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

Your cabinet maker cover letter should create a good impression upon the potential employer. They should be sure that you are the right candidate for the position and should be called immediately. This should be written so as to grab the attention of the employers and point out that you are among the eligible candidates and should be called for an interview.

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