Game Designer Cover Letter

Once you have graduated from the game design school with different qualifications, there are numerous people looking for a job. However, they have no clue as to how to get their foot on the door of job opening. It is fact that there are many job offers in the market, but unfortunately most of them are not able to land on it. The job market today is a killer; maximum job seekers find it tough to get the job that they are qualified for. It is very easy to turn your nightmares into dreams with a cover letter, which is the only best start for job hunting.

There are many professionally written resumes for that single game designer position, which is advertised in the local newspaper. With the great amount of resumes flooding the recruiters office, some of which may also indicate lies or are similar to others. Therefore, you will need something extra that will fill your calendar with interview dates with the best jobs in the gaming industry. If you have a well-written cover letter, then you are going right on track.

A good cover letter is the one, which has a perfect blend of style, marketing terms that can get you qualified for the interview and also employment after that. Resumes are important for getting a job, but there is something extra that every employer looks for, which cannot be found in the resume. A cover letter will help you in getting all those interview calls and that too very easily.

It is only in the cover letter where you can tell the employer, why you are the perfect candidate for that particular position. Highlight all your skills in the covering letter in a professional yet impressive manner. Here is a sample game designer cover letter to help you further.

Sample Game Designer Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Margaret Swan
373 Halo Street
New York, NY93872
Mobile: 847-283-1837
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Albert Dawn
Cartoon Network Inc.
New York, NY93746

Date: June 28, 2011

Dear Mr. Dawn,

I would want to take this opportunity is expressing my sincere gratitude for allowing me to introduce myself, and submitting my resume for the post of a Game Designer with your organization. I have vast knowledge in this field and have been working in this industry for more than six years now. I have attached my resume with this letter, where you will find that I have been a project manager for the development department of different games with my former employee Nickelodeon.

The experience that I have gained working for Nickelodeon is invaluable, but according to me this is the right time for a change. I have achieved the highest level of employment in my field with my current organization and I think I would be better off with another organization. I have heard and read a lot about your organization. I think that I am the perfect fit for this post also for your future plans.

I completely understand that as your future employee I will have many opportunities for advancing ahead, and this is the exact same thing I am looking for. I am applying for this job only after years of experience and excellent educational background. I have a bachelor's degree in computer programming along with some creative writing experience. I think that this degree does set me apart from all the other people who know programming. I have a combined knowledge of programming and creativity, which helps me in coming up with excellent game characters and concepts.

Along with resume I have also attached my work portfolio. This portfolio has all those games where I have been a part of the designing team. I would like to meet you and discuss all the job requirements personally. You can reach me at or call me at 847-283-1837.

Margaret Swan
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume and Design Portfolio

You can come up with your own ways of writing a cover letter.

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