Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Graphic designer is an ever growing field, which offers a wide range of employment opportunities that is created by new technology and media. Graphic designers can fill in for a variety of different job positions that require visual materials, designs and solutions. They can work for a newspaper or magazine and will be responsible for production, designing and layout of the publication. Sometimes they are employed with the business corporations as well for designing marketing brochures, signs, logos and packaging all the product services.

Depending on the kind of the position, a graphic designer will be producing layouts and sketches either on the computer or by hand; selecting photos, artwork and colors; creating charts and graphs will also be a part of their job. Designers will be using computer software as well for coming up with animated graphics. To qualify for this position they will need to have a Bachelor's degree in graphic designing along with a post-graduate degree in the same field.

The work environment of this profession will depend on the organization an individual is employed in. However, the basic work will be similar in all the organizations. Most of their working hours are spent by working in studios or in front of computers. Graphic designers who are working as freelancers or are self-employed will have no fixed hours of working. They will work as the demands of the clients.

The applicants in their field are facing a fierce competition whenever they apply for jobs, and therefore, they will have to prepare themselves with the required degree and proper training. Along with this, they will also need a cover letter, which will get them noticed and give them an opportunity for an interview. Here is a sample graphic designer cover letter that will help you.

Sample Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Bridget McBride
2643 Kildeer Drive
Pompano Beach, FL33064
Mobile: 754-224-7595

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Michael Johnson
Illuminati Designs
3632 Hilltop Street
Colrain, MA01340

Date: December 5, 2011

Dear Mr. Johnson,

"Designing is something, which is directed towards humans. Designing is like solving human problems by finding out and executing the right solution." Offering best creative design solution for solving business problems is something that I am good at. My clients will come to me with their business problem, they have been struggling with, and I help them in developing flexible and exciting marketing collaterals for building excellent brand awareness, promoting all the product benefits and enhancing the professional look. I know the importance of properly balancing the needs of the client and visioning them with cost efficient and practical design formats. I constantly strive for developing effective solutions, which are interesting and inviting, but at the same time mirrors the core values of the client's mission and vision. Some of my key accomplishments are highlighted here:

Along with my production and design skills, I am also fluent in French and have collaborated with a lot of publishing houses for translating and resolving software language incompatibilities.

I would like a chance to meet you for discussing my skills and qualifications in detail, and I am sure that I will be able to deliver results, which are similar to that described by your organization. I await a chance for a personal interview.

Bridget McBride
Your Signature

Enclosure: Design Portfolio and Resume

If you are an experienced individual, then make sure that you add all the skills to get noticed. Check your letter for any spelling mistakes.

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