Jewelry Designer Cover Letter

A jewelry designer cover letter is a letter attached to the resume of a jewelry designer that highlights the skills and talent of the designer. It is meant to supplement the interview and increase the chances of the recruiter hiring the applicant for the job. It is one of the main reasons an applicant might be selected for a job. A concise, impressive cover letter is a great way of saying that you are an experienced professional and hiring you would be an asset and an advantage for the company. You could even include some of your own designs and designs you have created in the past to show the employers your art and talent.

While writing a jewelry designer cover letter, there is a certain way and etiquette of composing an impressive one. Start by writing your name, address, contact number and email address. Include any personal information if necessary. Then write the date you are going to post the letter on. After that, continue with writing the designation of the employer you are writing the letter to, name of the company and the address of the company. Then, write a salutation like 'dear sir/ madam' or 'respected sir/ madam' etc. Then, give your letter a subject. Also, always include a reference. A reference is the source through which you were informed about the vacancy of the job post. Use simple language and write a concise and impressive letter.

Below is an example of a jewelry designer cover letter that might help you in understanding how to write an impressive cover letter better.

Sample Jewelry Designer Cover Letter

Charolette Wayne
78 Johnson Apartments
East Street
Harbor Road
California 8769577

Contact Number:
0013308676574/ 0013307685674


July 4th 2011

The Hiring Manager
K.P.L. Jewelers
56 Gold Lane
Mahogany Road
California 896756

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Application for the post of a jewelry designer.
Reference: Advertisement on

I recently came across an advertisement indicating the vacancy for the post of a jewelry designer on the website at K.P.L. Jewelers. I write this letter with an objective to apply for the same. I have aspired to become a jewelry designer ever since I was in high school. I am an artist and I found that I could implement my designs and create something as useful as jewelry with the talent I possess. I started off with creating jewelry from the material I had and then started designing jewelry professionally.

I passed out of the University of California four years ago with a degree in design. As soon as I was out of college, I started interning for Cassie's Jewels and was a novice jewelry designer there. But my work amazed my employers and they used my designs for several projects in the company. I then finished my internship after a year and started building up my own portfolio. I had organized an exhibition that contained jewelry with a nature theme. This jewelry was made out of feathers, shells, leaves, dried nuts and lot of other things. My designs are included in the portfolio that I will be obliged to bring down to your office on request. I have been exploring my skills for so long and wish to put them to use under your guidance.

I hope we can schedule a personal interview and discuss more on these terms. It would be an honor working for such an esteemed company as yours and I hope I have convinced you that I am an ideal candidate and a perfect match for the job profile mentioned in your advertisement.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Charolette Wayne

The above jewelry designer cover letter can help you compose your own personalized cover letter. You can alter and tailor the format and composition of the above cover letter to cater to your needs and requirements and the job profile. Remember the points mentioned prior to the letter and write an impressive cover letter. I hope this will be of an aid to you.

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