Mechanical Designer Cover Letter

Cover letter and resume are important tools in the corporate world to invite the employer's attention. They both play a crucial role in recruitment process. Cover letter is the first form of communication between the employer and the recruiter. Your cover letter may make a difference and you can be called for a face to face interview. The cover letters can be corresponding to your resume but it does not necessarily have to be a replacement for your resume. The cover letter is written into four sections: header, introduction, body, and conclusion. The first part includes the addresses and other contact details of both the parties, which is followed by the reference as how you got to know about the company and job profile; how you are suitable for the job position. In the body part, you can mention major job responsibilities and relevant skills and abilities.

There are three major types of resumes: hybrid resume, functional resume, and reverse chronological resume. Functional resume is written to tailor your experience and skill set according to the job you are applying for. The reverse chronological resume starts with your latest assignments. Your educational and professional achievements are structured in such a way that the last appears to be the first and the first appears to be the last. The hybrid resume is a combination of both the functional and reverse chronological resume. Online resumes have become prevalent in the last few years. The benefit of this type of resume is to give complete justice to search and every section by elaborating on them effectively.

Sample Mechanical Designer Cover Letter

Roger Hues
45, West End Road
Franklin Lake, NJ-90832
Phone: 890-120-2093
Date: January 16, 2012

Sam Rogers
Senior Recruiter, Colgene Corp
P O Box 435
Princeton, NJ-90342
Phone: 890-093-1023

Dear Mr. Rogers,

With response to your advertisement in "Princeton Daily", I am applying for the position of a mechanical designer in your organization. I am positive that based on my enormous experience of six and half years in the field of the mechanical designing and exceptional knowledge of mechanical products, I will surely surpass your set expectations.

I have completed my bachelor's degree in drafting and certificate course in mechanical designing from NIDR Institute. I possess exceptional drawing and designing skills. I have good hand over supervising the project documentation. I have good knowledge of how mechanical products work. I have good interpersonal skills, which play crucial role in communicating with the other mechanical designers. Starting as an entry level junior drafter with Catamite Industries, I have travelled a log way based on my exceptional talent and sheer dedication to the job.

I have handled many major responsibilities as a mechanical designer such as working with numerous machines, designing the tools that other engineers need, developing engines that produce energy, working on various types of machines and equipments starting from small mechanism to different instruments to huge gears for bulldozers, evaluating the product documentation before releasing specific product, and engaging in the meeting for product reviews.

I have been a valuable asset for the employers for the last over six years. I am sure that my contribution as a mechanical designer will surely lay new milestone. I am looking forward to be employed by you. I have attached my updated resume for your reference.

Sincerely yours,

Roger Hues


The mechanical designer cover letter throws light on the candidate's professional and academic strength and his achievements.

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