Textile Designer Cover Letter

Many don't realize this but a textile designer cover letter definitely helps in getting an opportunity to interview for the position. Textile designers are the ones who design the day to day clothes we wear. Therefore, this profession is quite in demand and good jobs are available.

The opportunities to move ahead in this profession are great as many famous fashion designers started off as textile designers. Also, remember the fact that the clothes you design are worn by the common public and have more exposure. Therefore, you are just one great design away from getting famous.

The textile designers have to stay up-to-date on all the attest fashion trends; hence, the learning never stops in this profession. Good pay is an important feature of this profession, which makes it a necessary for you to write a textile designer cover letter.

Sample Textile Designer Cover Letter (1)

Jamie Mode
076, Curve Street
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
(667) 689 2554
Cell no. (535) 468 4589

Irina Windham
Human Resources
Chic Clothing
828, Atlantis Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Dear Ms. Windham,

Being a student who has graduated from the prestigious, Florida Fashion School, I have the heard the name of our clothing label a lot and have desired to work as a textile designer for your company. Imagine my joy, when I heard that you were looking for young new designers. I am sending my resume with this letter and hope it is according to your liking.

I recently graduated from Florida Fashion School and received a degree in textile designing with good grades in each year of the course. My designs were also featured on the college's in-house magazine, Flo Fashion, after which the designs were modeled on the ramp for the annual fashion shows.

In my course, I have learned to make unique designs that have commercial value. I always keep the common public in mind and make designs that they would like and buy. I am aware that the Chic Clothing also uses the same core values and hence, I am so eager for this great job opportunity.

I will be able to drop in to your closest location whenever you chose to call me for the interview. I am confident that your company is the best place where I can improve the best and become the best in the business. I am glad that you are choosing o hone young talent. Thank you.

Sincere regards,
Jamie Mode


  1. Photocopy of resume
  2. Photocopy of degree in textile design
  3. Design portfolio

Sample Textile Designer Cover Letter (2)

Gunter Adams
091, Sunset Avenue
New York City, New York, USA
(555) 651 7262
Cell no. (625) 266 2662

Emma Goods
Head Designer
Maiden Fashion House
79, Manhattan Avenue
New York City, New York, USA

Dear Ms. Goods,

I have read the advertisement placed in the New York Post about the position opening for a textile designer. Judging by the requirements you want from this position, I would be the correct candidate for this job as I have the talent and experience to work for a prestigious company like yours.

I have been a textile designer Connect Clothing label for the past two years. I was in charge of designing the current in-style designs for the young consumers. These clothes sell like hot cakes and we have many outlets in the city and in every mall in the city. I am good at designing for both men and women. In the clothes, I design formal and casual clothes.

I am updated on all the latest trends and even have good contacts with people in the fashion industry, which allows me to design latest clothes before everyone. I would be doing the same for Maiden Fashion Houses if I am hired as the textile designer. I am also willing to take any other designing duty for the company.

Other than my contact numbers, I can also be reached on my e-mail address. I am prepared to meet you even during weekdays. I will be good for your already great fashion label. Thank you.

Sincere regards,


  1. Photocopy of resume
  2. Design portfolios

Textile designing is a great profession and if your designs get famous, you also have the option of branching out and becoming an independent designer. Therefore, it is important that you write a textile designer cover letter so get this job in a famous clothes manufacturer company.

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