Film Director Cover Letter

With a tray full of applications an employer will not spend more than 20 seconds for reviewing every letter. You will have to make sure that in those 20 seconds your cover letter will make a huge impact for letting the reader know more details about you. A cover letter is usually drafted upon the information given in your resume. It is a simple letter focused on sales pitch in simple language as to why the company needs to hire you.


Before you start writing your letter take some efforts to research on the company you are applying to. One of the easiest ways of doing this is using the internet. Make sure that you know what the company exactly does and how they place themselves amongst the competitors. Try to figure out what the company's business plans are. Doing a research gives the company an idea that you are genuinely interested in working with them.

Addressing the Cover Letter

It is a must that you address the cover letter properly. After you have spent all the time in wording it to perfection you will not want to direct the letter to the wrong person. You will always have to ensure that the name of the recipient, address details and department on the covering letter are written at the top of the letter.


The opening paragraph of your covering letter should be hard-hitting. Start it with an arresting sentence where you explain why you are writing the letter. The second paragraph should state, why the employer should hire only you? Briefly mention all your academic and professional details, which are relevant to the post.

In the third paragraph you need to emphasize on the facts of what you can do for the company. Make sure that you expand on only the important parts of your resume. The last paragraph should request the employer to schedule an interview at their time and convenience.

Here is a sample film director cover letter to help you ahead.

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Film Director Cover Letter Sample

Your Contact Information
Wendy Knowles
3731 Hebrew Street
Beverly Hills, CA90210
Mobile: 384-284-9165
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Albert Sting
Universal Studios
Los Angeles, LA92832


Dear Mr. Sting,

This is in response to the advertisement in New York Times; I am forwarding my resume for the position of Film Director. You can find my resume attached along with this letter, with all the details on the production that I have directed so far.

A degree in Film Direction from New York Media School, I started my career in 2003. After working for more than three years as an assistant to film director, I got the position of film director with Summit Entertainment. During my professional life I have handled some of the successful films like Avatar, Twilight and Transformers. I am pretty good at pulling new and creative talents and technical professionals all together for creating films, which are Oscar worthy in my genre. I am sure that I can offer the same high level of standard with your production house.

I would be interested in meeting you in person to talk more about your films, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, as well as some more detail on my experience. You can contact me at 384-284-9165 or e-mail me at Thank you so much for giving your time and consideration.

Wendy Knowles
Your Signature

Enclosure: Cover Letter and Resume

This is how you can write your own covering letter. Mentioning on what projects you have worked on is highly important, therefore make sure that you mention all your projects and avoid spelling mistakes.

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