Managing Director Cover Letter

The cover letter is also referred to as a letter of introduction. It is used to respond to the advertisements featuring job opportunities. The letter includes the information from the candidate's professional resume; which is pertinent to the concerned job position. Candidate can use the cover to market their profile in the job market.

Cover letters are written to catch the attention of the employer and allow the candidate to take a step further in the selection process. The cover letter contains header, body and conclusion. In the header part, the address of the sender and receiver is followed by the date. The last part of the header is salutation. The body of any cover letter focuses on the skills and abilities and pertinent professional and academic details of the candidate. The closing part signifies the next step the candidate will take. The candidate can contact the employer rather than waiting for their reply.

Managing director is one of the highest designations in the company's management hierarchy. He along with the other members on the board is responsible for taking final calls on various important issues. He supervises the management and the teams working under him. He monitors their operations. He works as a liaison between various departments in the company such as operations, HR, sales and marketing, IT, etc. He holds meeting with the managers and presidents to discuss the company strategy. He designs various plans and strategies and implements it with the help of all the departments of the company. He interacts with the clients and cascades the decision to the management.

How to write Managing Director Cover Letter

Managing director cover letter will include the addresses of the applicant and the employer on the top left side of the letter. The salutation such as Dear Sir or Dear Madam is followed by it. The body would contain the skills and abilities of the managing director such as business development ability, leadership skills, ability to supervise the managers and vice presidents etc.The cover letter should showcase the professional experience of the candidate, which is pertinent to the job advertisement. The closing part of the cover letter should sum up what the candidate is going to do after the application.

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Managing Director Cover Letter Sample


Ricky Pickering
954, South Blvd,
Middletown, NH-95453
Phone: 043-293-1934

To: Silvia Derive
HR associate, Porter Inc
843, North Estate,
Hamberge, NJ-95456
Phone: 954-784-7834

Dear Madam,

With response to your advertisement in Hamburg News Daily, I am applying for the post of managing director in your company. After studying the advertised profile, I am happy to say that my professional journey and experience is very much accordance with your expectations. My five years of experience in the corporate field is characterized by many ups and downs.

Started as an assistant sales manager with Arcola industries, I have achieved many milestones to reach to this level in such a short span of time. I have zeal of learning new things and an attitude to surpass the expectations of the employer.

In my two years of experience in Zeta Technologies, I have single handedly managed the offshore and onshore operations. I worked for late hours to win million dollar foreign deal for the company. My company stands in the top four in the list of information technology companies in the USA.

I am confident and positive that my versatile profile and huge experience will satisfy your requirements and I will open new horizons of innovation with my prospect employers. I am looking forward to work with you.

I have attached my latest resume for your reference. I will follow up with you on the next rounds of selection of process.

Sincerely yours,

(Signature) Ricky Pickering

The managing director cover letter has portrayed your profile as competitive candidate for the post. The letter has done half of the work for you in this direction.

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