Recording Engineer Cover Letter

Most people think that the job of a recording engineer is only recording music, but it is not so they have to mix and edit the music in such a way that the audio sounds in the best way possible. In a recording session, he or she will have to listen to audio for both technical and musical perspective, looking for different ways for adjusting the equipments, performance of the artist as well as recording levels. This has to be done in such a manner that the recorded product sounds in the perfect manner. The main job of a recording engineer is making sure that all the studio equipment is working in the perfect manner and it is setup before the recording starts.

The basic responsibility is getting a clean copy of the recorded audio. If any equipment is not functioning in the right manner, and this includes everything from computer software to microphone, then they will have to fix it, instead of wasting the money of the client. The setup is usually elaborate, and it always depends on the needs of the client and the studio. Sometimes the recording engineer will hire an assistant for handling all the pre-sessions like checking mikes, setting the levels of baselines and running cables in the control panel before the client comes to the recording studio.

In a recording session, a recording engineer will be responsible for getting balanced and clean recordings for every audio track. Except for that, the recording engineer will have to get a little creative depending on the demands of the client. Some of the recording engineers will act like coaches, informing the client what they need to fix for every take. They will also provide the client with musical advice on increasing the vocals, subtracting or adding instruments and many more. If you have some experience in the field and looking for better job options, then all you need is a good covering letter. This article will provide you with a recording engineer cover letter that you can refer to.

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Sample Recording Engineer Cover Letter

Chang Andrews
3420 Elk City Road. Indianapolis IN46204 317-955-6135

January 6, 2011

Mr. John Barton
Summit Entertainment Studios
111 Thorn Street
Basin, WY82410

Dear Mr. Barton,

Re: Recording Engineer Cover Letter

This letter is coming across to you to apply for the position of Recording Engineer with Summit Entertainment Studios; I have enclosed my resume for your further review.

When I came across your advertisement looking for a recording engineer for your organization, I was sure that I had found the right match for career goals and experience. I have been working as a recording engineer for more than nine years, and I am aware about all the computer software, recording equipment, recording tools and instruments. I am also aware of the fact that what all it takes to get the best possible sound from every equipment supplied. Also, I have good amount of experience in reproducing, recording, mixing, sound effects, voices and working with music.

If you would want to meet me in person for discussing my qualities in detail, then you can call me at 317-955-6135 or e-mail me at I look forward for a chance to meet you, and working with Summit Entertainment Studios. Thank you for giving your precious time and reading my letter.

Chang Andrews

Enclosure: Resume and References

This can be the best possible introduction that you need to send out with your resume. Resumes should never be sent without a covering letter. Provide the employer with in-depth knowledge about yourself, so that you get the edge above all the others. Give your best shot, good luck!

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