Financial Assistant Cover Letter

A financial assistant is someone who will have to perform accounting or financial duties of an organization. Financial assistants are responsible for handling clerical work, which are very similar to office workers for every industry, responding to e-mails, faxing and typing documents. However, along with all these responsibilities, these professionals have to handle accounting related tasks, such as payroll or collections and bookkeeping as well.

Financial assistants can be employed anywhere in hotels, government agencies, hospitals and accounting firms. They are an important link between the clients and financial officers. They help them in making appointments through phone and respond to emails of clients. Financial assistants sometimes will have to enter some of the important transactions in the computers, assisting the organization to keep their budget under control. At times, they have to proofread the financial reports, which are written by the supervisors, or crosscheck different set of financial records.

Financial assistants have to be expert in typing and they need to pay attention to everything they do. They need to have a basic understanding of computer skills, along with customer service knowledge. They have to be analytical, organized, courteous, and professional and should be able to follow every instruction given by their supervisor. Most of them will also need to have some basic math skills, considering that they have to work with numbers for most of the time. Versatility is necessary in this profession, since they will have to perform tasks that keep changing on day-to-day basis.

If you think that you have all these skills and are set to step in the employment business, then all you need is a resume and cover letter. Do not forget to write a good cover letter, because that is the only way you can be noticed. Below is a sample financial assistant cover letter that will help you further.

Sample Financial Assistant Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Judith Gray
2746 Old School Road
Brooklyn, NY93784
Mobile: 384-184-3841
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Ms. June Haven
KPMG Financial Services
2784 Faith Street
Brooklyn, NY94856


Dear Ms. Haven,

I am keen on working with your organization as a Financial Assistant, and this is the reason that today I am applying for this position by attaching my resume for your kind consideration.

As you can see in my resume, I have just completed my degree in finance administration, and have been working as an intern with Deloitte Finance as a finance intern while I was in school since the past five three years. I have completed extensive research on all the top financial institutes in my country, and I am sure that from my findings that your organization has had the best standing and reputation. I just want to make sure that I will start my career from the best organization learning all the possible things, and growing to be successful in this organization. I am motivated, dedicated and work well in a team of people. I have sharp math sense and analytical mind.

I would request you to meet me in person for discussing the various possibilities that I will be bringing to your organization. You can contact me at any time of the day to schedule a meeting at 384-184-3841 or you can e-mail me at I await a positive reply from you and thank you for giving your valuable time to my application.

Judith Gray
Your Signature

Enclosure: References and Resume

Cover letters are the only sure ways of creating a good first impression, so put in all your efforts and creativity for drafting the best cover letter. However, proofread it once before sending. Good luck!

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