Title Examiner Cover Letter

A title examiner cover letter should be sent every time you are applying for the position of title examiner. As the employer changes, his requirements from the employees also changes; therefore, it is essential that a different cover letter be drafted for every employer. This cover letter should be written targeting the requirements of the employer. This will impress the employer and force him to call you for an interview. A cover letter can also be used effectively in showing your interest in a particular position which a resume cannot do. The sample cover letters and important tips will help you in drafting your cover letter.

Title Examiner Job Description:

Documents that provide evidence of ownership of a particular piece of property are called as titles. A title examiner is one who searches, analyzes, verifies the ownership and legal description of this property. He also keeps a track of the statistics and land map books concerning that property. These title examiners keep a record of all their findings, which can be useful for the mortgage, selling and buying property, insurance companies, etc. Hence, most of the title examiners are employed with insurance companies, banks and in government sectors such as municipalities. These title examiners should have in-depth understanding of the government rules and regulation of property deals.

Title Examiner Cover Letter Example

Bruce Watson
625 Tulip Lane
Watson Cottage
New Jersey - 38930

Date: December 23, 2011

To Adam James
Recruitment Lead
SST Insurance Pvt. Ltd.
New Jersey - 38966

Reference: Requirement posted in Hotjobz Newspaper, dated December 22, 2011

Dear Mr. James,

I am sending my application for the position of title examiner with reference to the opening posted in Hotjobz Newspaper, dated December 23, 2011. I am aware of the requirements of this position and will definitely be an asset for your organization. My credentials are as summarized below.

My resume attached with this mail will give you more details about my credentials. Please find the attached resume. Thank you.

Bruce Watson

Title Examiner Cover Letter Example:

Steve Coleman
99 Orchid Street
Shimmer Avenue
Ohio - 38300

Date: December 23, 2011

Jeremy Perry
American GVT Bank
OH 38839

Dear Mr. Perry,

This application is to inquire if you currently have any job openings for the position of title examiner with your organization. I am keenly interested in working as a title examiner with your organization where I can utilize my analyzing skills in examining the property titles.

I am currently employed as a title searcher with TRP Corporation wherein I assist title examiners in collecting evidences to the property owners and keeping a track of the same. I have good analyzing skills and necessary experience and knowledge fitting this position. My skills will definitely complement your requirements and be a positive asset for your organization.

For your reference, I have attached my resume with this application. Feel free to call me on my personal contact number or mail me on my personal e-mail id if you have any openings currently or in near future.

Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Coleman


You title examiner cover letter should not exceed more than a page and should be precise enough to impress the employer. Reading the employer's requirement before drafting a cover letter will help you in writing a more impressive and defined cover letter.

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