Front Desk Agent Cover Letter

Front desk agents will have to handle the office duties for an organization or office. They answer phones, greet visitors and schedule appointments. The front desk agents are the first person anyone will meet after entering the organization. Therefore, this person has to be courteous, professional and must provide all the required assistance.

If the front desk agent is not handling the inquiries of the visitors, then they have to perform clerical duties. They will have to type reports, respond to e-mails, handle outgoing and incoming mails, file invoices and manage the cash register. Front desk agents are employed at places like government agencies, hospitals, insurance companies and hotels. For the maximum times, their duties keep on changing, depending on the number of visitors entering the organization and the kind of the office tasks they have to perform on that day. Therefore, it is important that front desk agents are good at multi-tasking.

These agents' need to have good customer service skills, since maximum part of their job is interacting with the public. They should have a friendly attitude and should be able to process information and pass it on accurately, like if a visitor comes in for an appointment with the manager. Front desk agents should be able to take notes and need to have a firm grasp on how they should be using the basic office equipment, like phones and computers.

As for educational background, these people need to have a high school diploma. Along with the diploma, you need to have an effective cover letter that explains your abilities to the recruiter and makes him/her want to hire you. Cover letter is like a letter of introduction and also a way of marketing yourself. Here is a sample front desk agent cover letter, so that you have a better idea.

Sample Front Desk Agent Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Miranda Wilson
284 Wickham Street
Arizona, CA93754
Mobile: 394-284-2846
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Dan Cullen
Hyatt Hotels
274 Marine Street
Arizona, CA93756

Date: July 14, 2011

Dear Mr. Cullen,

I would like to apply for the job opening of a Front Desk Agent in your organization. I am communicating my interest with this cover letter and the attached resume.

I would like to thank you for posting this job opening on I have been looking for a similar position with a reputed organization where I will be able to use my special skills and extensive experience. For an overview, I have been working for the past eight years as a front desk manager with Le Meridian Hotels. My job responsibilities are to handle the complete operational and success of customer service, which the hotel is renowned for. As this is a small organization, I think that my choice of a Front Desk Agent with your organization will be a good start, since your hotel caters to more guests. Being said, I am very good at conversations. I have a good knowledge about this area and work- related responsibilities. I have an optimistic attitude that I apply to my work.

You can find more details on my qualifications with my attached resume. If you wish to meet me and discuss my qualifications in detail, then you can reach me at 394-284-2846 or e-mail me at Thank you for your consideration, looking forward for a positive reply.

Yours sincerely,
Miranda Wilson
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

Cover letters are highly important, so never skip it. This is the only document, which has the ability to sell you to the prospective employers. So, make sure that you write the best one.

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