Tour Guide Cover Letter

If you like to travel and are interested in being a part of the tourism industry, write a good tour guide cover letter to get a job as a tourist guide. Tourist guides are experts on history and geography of a place. They inform all the tourists about what all happened there among many other things.

Tourism is an ever-growing industry. There are many countries whose economy is dependent upon tourism. By this fact, you can measure the importance of this sector for any country. The profession of tourist guide is just as important in the tourism industry. They are most important for tourists as they rely on them to get the correct information about a place. Tourist guides have to know intricate details about the tourist destination they are working in.

They have to guide the tourists well and ensure they have a good time. This way, they create goodwill about the tourist destination, further increasing the business in that area. Some tourist guides do not work in one single area; they have knowledge of many areas and find employment in touring companies. They tour with the tourist group and make itineraries for them to follow. They design it in such a way that they travel to all the best possible places well in time before the tour gets over.

It is fun to be a tourist guide. They get paid to travel to great destinations. However, there is a lot of hard work and study involved in the job. They also have to take care of the tourists and make them as comfortable as possible. Therefore, do not wait for an opportunity to come to you. Apply to a good tourist organizing company with a tour guide cover letter, and land in the job of your dreams.

Guidelines for tour guide cover letter

  1. The beginning content is quite similar to any other cover letter; it is the middle portion that will be different and more impactful on the reader
  2. In the middle, give in details as to why you would make an ideal tour guide. If you have prior experience, talk of that experience, but even if you do not have experience, mention skills that will come handy as a tour guide
  3. If you have been to the tourist destination yourself and know the place, tell this in the letter too. This way, their company will not need to give you any special training
  4. Give a simple ending to the letter

These four points will help write the letter well.

Tour Guide Cover Letter Sample

George Mason
62, Wall Street Avenue
New York City, New York
(414) 737 9583
Cell no. (777) 636 0882

Gareth Summers
Summer Tours and Travels
565, Plaza Avenue
New York City, New York, USA

Dear Mr. Summers,

I was born and brought up in Sri Lanka and moved to New York three years ago. I worked there as a historian but moved to America for better prospects. I saw your advertisement in the New York Post about requirement for a tour guide for Sri Lanka. I would be a more than happy to apply for this job as I know all the tourist destinations in Sri Lanka like the back of my hand.

I worked as historian for the archeological department in Colombo University. I have traveled extensively around the country and know history about all the tourist destinations. Ever since the civil war in the country got over, the government has been promoting tourism in the country, a fact that you know, hence, the requirement for a Sri Lankan tour guide. I would be happy to offer my services for this job.

One area where my services would be useful is making contacts in the government. I have friendly relations with some bureaucrats and obtaining the required permissions would be easy. I also know all the safe places for travel and the tourists will be secure with me.

To know all the additional things I can get to this job, please do me the favor of meeting me in person. I would enjoy working with your tourist company as I too have used your services for vacation and had a great time. Thank You.


  1. Photocopy of resume
  2. Photocopy of bachelor's degree in history
  3. Photocopy of Sri Lankan passport

The tour guide cover letter should be able help you get this fun job. Do well in the interview and your career will be like one giant paid vacation.

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