Insurance Agent Cover Letter

An insurance agent cover letter is a letter attached to the resume of an insurance agent to make the resume appear more impressive and convince the recruiter to hire that applicant for the job. It contains all the achievements and credentials of the applicant. It even includes the educational background, work experience and any other experience the applicant has in that particular field. It also has to bring out the qualities of the applicant required to be an insurance agent. It needs to display qualities like patience, friendliness, politeness and more.

While writing a cover letter, one needs to remember a few key points to write an impressive cover letter. One should always begin with writing their name, address, contact number, email address and any other personal details that might be important. Then enclose the date of posting the letter. Then write the designation of the person you are addressing the letter to, the name of the company you are applying to and then the address of the company. Then go on to write your letter. Begin with a salutation like. 'Respected sir/ madam' or 'dear sir/ madam'. Then give your letter a subject and a reference. The reference is the source, which informed you about the vacancy of the post. In the letter, include all your qualifications- both educational and professional and any other courses you have completed under the field. Keep the letter short and simple and use a suitable font and font size.

Below is a sample insurance agent cover letter that will help you compose your own cover letter.

Sample Insurance Agent Cover Letter

Oscar Petros
869 Yale Street
Grand Canal Road
California 768690

Contact Number:
0013304657689/ 00013305768453


July 4, 2011

The Hiring Manager
Dale Insurance Company
756 Tuscany Lane
Fannigan Road
California 786859

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Application for the post of an insurance agent.
Reference: Advertisement in The California Times.

I recently came across an advertisement announcing the vacancy for the post of an insurance agent at Dale Insurance Company and I write this letter with an objective to apply for the same. I came across this piece of information in the esteemed columns of The California Times. I have a work experience of five years as I have summarized below.

I am currently working in SIDCO Insurance Company. I have been working here for the past three years and have succeeded in whatever transactions I have made in this company till date. I am patient and very good with my clients. My colleagues can corroborate my claim. Before this employment, I worked as an intern in Lifeline Insurance Company. I learnt a lot there and am now working diligently and with all the skills I possess. I am now proficient in handling several insurance claims, creating and executing various insurance programs and plans and handling crisis situations.

I sincerely hope I have convinced you that I am an ideal candidate for the job profile mentioned in your advertisement. I have the required credentials and capability needed in this job. I have proved to be a successful and promising employee and will continue to do so, provided I am given the chance. I was hoping we could schedule a personal interview and discuss more on these lines. I will provide the necessary documents and proofs on request.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely,
Oscar Petros

The above sample of an insurance agent cover letter gives a brief idea on how to write an impressive cover letter yourself. You can alter and change the above cover letter according to your needs and the information you have to include. Remember to include as many credentials as you can and write an impressive cover letter. All the best!

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