Insurance Broker Cover Letter

Insurance Broker Cover Letter is the introductory document in the job application of an insurance broker. It elucidates some of the finer aspects of the personality and the qualifications of the candidate, something not entirely possible in a resume. The cover letter is a sort of a personalization of the job application that provides the broad framework within which the resume can be correctly interpreted. This is important because a well-crafted cover letter can simplify the recruiter's job, which in turn improves the odds of the candidate in the recruitment process.

Cover Letters should be written in a simple and easy to understand language. Although there is no restriction on the use of technical jargon that makes a resume attractive, the language should not be too technical. Next, the cover letter should provide the personal touch only to the extent that the overall professional character of the document is not lost. The candidate will do well to research the activities of company or the relevant department within the company before composing this letter. This will help him to pin point the areas of convergence between himself and the organization thereby fine-tuning the entire application.

Insurance Broker Cover Letters should enlighten the recruiter about the competence of the candidate. The most important skills for an insurance broker are the ability to explain the technicalities of insurance policies in a language that a non-technical person can understand and persuasive communication that will get the client to purchase the policy. These qualities deserve emphasis along with experience that is an indicator to how well the candidate can apply his talents.

Sample Insurance Broker Cover Letter

Date: November 17, 2011

Frederick Mills
8000 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Geoffrey Adams
Human Resource Executive
WeCare Insurance Providers
2000 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140

Dear Mr. Adams,

With reference to your advertisement in the "The Washington Post", dated November 9, 2011, inviting applications for registration as Insurance Brokers, I hereby submit my application for the said purpose. I have worked for nine years as a property / commercial insurance broker, helping numerous clients purchase the correct insurance product / package from some of the top brands in this sector. I am interested in working with an expanding enterprise like yours that is known for its quick decision making.

I started my career as an insurance representative with Safe Risks Financial Services Ltd. Within a couple of years, I started working as an insurance broker. As may be known to you through informal channels, I am well known in the commercial insurance sector for my technical acumen, persuasive abilities, and integrity. Till date, I have assisted hundreds of clients in choosing the correct insurance policy from among the available options. I have excellent communication and comprehension enabling me to understand the requirements of my clients and providing them with the appropriate advice.

Technically speaking, I am a commerce graduate with specialization in finance. This technical background has enabled me to grasp complex concepts and business practices that are an integral part of the businesses of clients who I work with. This has also made me capable of comprehending numerous insurance policies of different insurance providers and choosing from among them.

Your organization has acquired a reputation for making quick decisions and offering considerable flexibility to its brokers. I am most impressed with the customized insurance packages that you provide in certain cases. It will be a pleasure working with you. You can contact me on the telephone number or email address mentioned above.

Yours Sincerely,
(Frederick Mills)

Insurance Broker Cover Letters need to bring out those talents inherent in the candidate that will expand the business of the insurance provider and be the basis of a mutually beneficial relationship. Of particular note is the dexterity required in explaining technical concepts and provisions in a general language and in guiding the client across the threshold of indecision.

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