Insurance Underwriter Cover Letter

Insurance Underwriter Cover Letters are composed with the purpose of enticing the recruiter to go through the resume of an applicant for the position of an insurance underwriter. Cover Letters are introductions to the job applications. They contain a to the point mention of those abilities of the candidate that are most significant in the context of the position and the organization where the candidate is making the application. These letters are an advertisement of the candidate's professional abilities intended for catching the eye of the recruiter and, therefore, should be properly composed.

Insurance Underwriters provide insurance packages to their clients after a detailed assessment of the needs of the clients. This assessment has to be combined with the client's background and financial status, available insurance packages, organization policy, and legal considerations. Applicants need to possess a bachelor's degree preferably in accounts, economics, or a related discipline. An important requirement of an insurance underwriter is to be decisive in order to determine the insurance package that can be offered. This requires thorough knowledge of available packages. Not to be missed is the ability to negotiate with the client during the finalization of the package and premium amount to be paid by the client.

Insurance Underwriter Cover Letters will do well to mention the area of specialization of the client. Underwriters can be related to life / health insurance, general insurance, commercial insurance, or reinsurance. A categorical mention of the sub discipline avoids confusing the recruiter. It also conveys the impression that the applicant is an organized and systematic person. Like other cover letters, these letters have to be brief and written in a simple language with a professional tone that appeals to the recruiter immediately. As far as possible, the use of complicated words and terminologies has to be avoided.

Here is an example of insurance underwriter cover letter:

Sample Insurance Underwriter Cover Letter

December 1, 2011

Patrick Marshall
3000 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822

Trevor Michaels
Human Resource Executive
Secura Insurance Services
400 Curry Avenue,
Sacramento, CA 95823

Dear Mr. Michaels,

This is with reference to your advertisement in the "Los Angeles Times", dated November 27, 2011, inviting applications for the position of an insurance underwriter in your well-known organization. I satisfy the eligibility criteria mentioned in the said advertisement and I hereby submit my application for the same position. I have five years of experience as an insurance underwriter and I am seeking an opening with an organization that offers enormous opportunities for growth to its employees along with numerous benefits.

I have handled all the responsibilities of this position with considerable skill. My experience has made me cognizant with all the dimensions of this job - technical, legal, and practical. I specialize in general insurance and I am good with the assessment of potential clients including the valuation of their possession they intend to insure, conducting background checks, assessing the risk, and finalizing the insurance package in view of these preceding factors. I am also good at understanding the insurance needs of the potential client and with the process of negotiation during finalization of package.

I am an accounts graduate and I have undergone specialized training for this position. This has provided me with a solid theoretical foundation enabling me to work as a profitable operative in this field. I have an excellent record of accomplishment and I will perform to the best of my abilities if given an opportunity in your organization.

I have attached my resume with this letter for a further elucidation of my professional competencies. You can get in touch with me on the telephone number or the email address mentioned at the beginning of the letter. I am waiting for your reply.

Yours Sincerely,
(Patrick Marshall)

Insurance Underwriter Cover Letters need to bring out the whole range of skills that make a successful insurance underwriter. The candidate needs to combine his technical knowledge with legalities and information obtained through background checks.

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