Internship Resume Cover Letter

An internship program is your gateway to a flourishing career. It serves as a foundation for building your career. That's why when applying for it, you have to mail or email a resume cover letter as a part of the application process. The cover letter must highlight your skills, academic records, and extracurricular activities. To showcase experience, you can mention about the jobs you did when pursuing your studies, provided they are related to the internship program.

Follow these tips to write an internship cover letter.

Use Standard Letter Format

Since the document will be a part of the official process, you cannot be casual and use any cover letter format. To dignify the application process, its' better to use a standard format. Usually, a business letter format is the norm in any industry. If you are mailing the cover letter, your contact information must appear at the top with your address and the date. This will help the employers to understand who has written the cover letter, when it is written, and how to contact him or her if the need be.

After your contact information, include the name of the recipient along with his or her job designation as well as the company's name and address. Once the letter specifies whom it is addressed to, start it with a standard salutation. When closing, include your name and signature at the bottom. If the cover is sent as an attachment via email, don't include your contact information at the top and a signature at the bottom, unless you have a digital signature.

Make Your Cover Letter Unique

Each internship program requires different skill sets and abilities. So sending the same cover letter every time you are applying will not make any sense. So before drafting the cover letter, analyze what the employer wants from an intern. Try to demonstrate how you match up to the required qualities for the internship. The main focus needs to be on compelling the reader to take a look at your resume. Let's say, the employer wants the intern to have strong problem-solving skills. In that situation, include an example from your previous work history, and demonstrate how you managed to resolve issues with your problem-solving skills.

Provide Facts and Figures

Mere stating that you hold a particular skill and ability will not work in your favor. Remember, you're entering a world of professionalism where facts and figures matter, not talks. So provide enough evidence that can convince the readers that you truly hold the skill and ability they are looking for.

Highlight Your Academic Experience

One reason why writing an internship cover letter becomes tough is, a lack of experience. In that case, you can use your academic experience to demonstrate how the skills you developed can be utilized on the job. A good example to show leadership or a team person skills. Show how you led a team for a particular project, or contributed to it as a team member.

Add Extracurricular Experiences

Interns are exempted from including extracurricular experiences in the cover letter since employers are aware of they being an inexperienced lot. The reason why they don't mind about your extracurricular activities is to identify whether you are a self-motivated, proactive, or an initiator. If during your academic pursuit you have worked as a writer for the college newsletter, mention your writing skills. Similarly, if you have volunteered for relief project and worked at a rehabilitation camp, emphasize your organizational and interpersonal skills.

Proofread and Edit the Cover Letter

Before mailing or emailing the cover letter, make sure you've proofread and edited it for grammar and spelling mistakes. Any error can thwart away your chances of being called for an interview.

Internship Cover Letter Sample

Jodi B. Beckett
3498 Caldwell Road
Brighton, NY 14623
Phone: 585-320-8423

April 25, 2019
Will Smith
Manager, Human Resources
Unique Technologies
145 Business Road, 2nd Street
Brighton, NY 14623

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to apply for the 'Software Developer' internship program that was published on your official website just two days ago. I believe the skills and experience you are looking for the job perfectly match with mine. I am confident you will find me an ideal candidate after investing a few moments in my application.

I have been fascinated with the amazing world of programming since my school days. My proficiency in maths and science made it easier for me to go deep into the details of coding. During my college studies, I even developed a software application as a part of the project for a retail shop. The software helped the retailer in attracting local customers, receiving online orders, and payment for the goods sold.

I am currently working as a part-time software developer for a small business where I have been assigned the job of developing mobile apps for android, windows, and IoS. I am skilled in using the latest and advanced programming language for software development. My skills in troubleshooting bugs and coding issues have helped in resolving problems in several existing software applications. I am through with the software development lifecyle, designing, testing, and developing software. I also hold a strong understanding of data structures and algorithms.

I believe I could be the best match for your internship program. If given a chance, I will put more than 100% effort in meeting the quality in software product your company is known for, and definitely prove my worth.

Should I call you next Monday at 11 am to fix an appointment?

Thank you for giving time in reading my application.


Jodi B. Beckett

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