Software Quality Assurance Cover Letter

A software quality assurance cover letter must be written in an elaborate style, which gives you an opportunity to make maximum use of it. Depending on your qualifications, you can easily provide a detailed explanation to the reader and help him to understand your resume and credentials better.

Writing a software quality assurance cover letter can be confusing at first, but you need to treat it as a professional document and pay proper attention while writing it to have the desired effect on the reader. Every recruiter will expect that you give some insight into your career as a software quality assurance executive so far. You can also mention why you are interested in joining this particular organization and what makes you feel that you are a competent candidate.

Job of a Software Quality Assurance Technician

A person working in software quality assurance is responsible for testing and authentication of different software developed by software engineers. Software quality assurance professionals also set and revise the parameters for quality testing of software and help in resolving problems with the software design, functions or any other issues that hamper the functioning of the software. Software quality assurance professionals have to prepare detailed reports and present it to the Quality Assurance Manager and other personnel.

As a software quality assurance staff, you need to have command over software testing and debugging. Education and experience are also considered as prime factors in your selection for this job.

Provided here is one sample of software quality assurance cover letter that helps you to understand how easy it is to write a cover letter.

Software Quality Assurance Cover Letter Sample

Albert Frank
132, Emporia Ranch
San Jose, California 25110
United States


Kevin Miles
Recruitment Manager
Cornwell Technology Solutions
San Jose, California 25114
United States

Subject: Application for the job of Software Quality Assurance
Reference: Advertisement in Employment Journal dated 17 December, 2011

Dear Kevin,

I am sending you this application for the job of Software Quality Assurance Technician advertised on Employment Journal on 17 December. I have been looking for a new and challenging job. This position also meets my expectations in terms of job responsibilities, and the satisfaction derived from the work.

I am currently working at Marion Business Solutions as a Software Quality Assurance Technician. I am actively involved in different projects outsourced to our organization for testing and verification of software package, and patch updates developed by different software firms. I am also responsible for documentation of different projects and other activities such as setting up quality testing parameters.

During my tenure, I have also learnt how to maintain a professional behavior and put maximum efforts for every task at work. I understand that this is a highly demanding job and I can easily cope up with the responsibilities by working overtime to achieve business goals. I possess an inherent ability to relate with my colleagues and achieve success through combined efforts. I respect every individual irrespective of caste, gender, nationality, disability or age.

I am sending my resume and credentials that you can go through. Please feel free to contact me at any time of the day and throughout the week if you need further information. I would be more than happy to have a conversation with you. I would like to thank you for the valuable time and efforts you have put to read my application.

Yours sincerely,
Albert Frank

You need to sound positive, confident and optimistic through your software quality assurance cover letter because it helps to convince the recruiter and also sends a positive vibe with whatever information you provide in the cover letter.

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