Job Application Follow Up Letter Tips

Waiting for something be it promotion, money, a job, etc. is the most disgusting experience in life. But we cannot shy away from this fact. While it takes time for things to fall into their places, all we can do is to wait and watch. However, we must decide how long or until when to wait so that we can plan on next step once the set period is over. This step is very important, especially when you have applied for a job and desperate to know about the status of your job application.

Generally, it takes two weeks for companies to screen and short-list job applications as they receive them in hundreds even for one single advertised position. They may also finish off this process in lesser time than this, but you have to be patient and wait for two weeks. However, holding yourself back is not easy. Further, it is common to lose your patience if there is no one at the applied company to contact and know the status. You cannot call the Human Resources Department after every couple of days to know if your application is selected. This will be considered as pestering and spoil whatever big or small chance you may have. So, how to handle such a situation? Here are some guidelines to make you clear on the follow up procedure.

When to follow up

Once you have applied for a job, you cannot do anything except wait. Usually, companies require two weeks to be ready with a list of probables. So, if you do not get any response even after completion of two weeks from the date your application, write a job application follow up letter. You can even send an email if you have the address of the concerned person. There is also another method of inquiring by posting a message on Linkedln social networking site. Alternatively, you can call the person as well if you have his or her phone number. However, the flip sides of these options are that the person may have no time to log in to Linkedln or answer your call. Therefore, a cover letter to inquire your job application status is the ideal way.

Moreover, the cover letter will also offer you an opportunity to express your interest in the job position and explain some of the key points on why do you feel yourself fit for the position. In addition, you can ask them when the company is likely to conduct the interview process.

Visit in-person to follow up

If you have not applied to a company in another state with a view of relocation, you can visit the employer in person after two weeks. If you get the opportunity to meet him or her, you can say that you have visited to follow up your job application and would be obliged to know if you can be considered for an interview. Remember, the person will not have sufficient time for you. So, think before meeting what you want to ask. While talking, let your enthusiasm seem flowing through. Also, dress properly and talk in a professional manner.

When to stop following up

After knowing when and how to follow up, you must also know when to stop it. You can avail three attempts to know the prospect of being interviewed. In between these many approaches, maintain a gap of one week. It is also possible that the employer may suggest you to call after so and so period. In any case, more than three follow up approaches will be annoying for the employer.

These tips are best in getting information about your job application status with the employer. Follow it religiously while being patient and adorning a positive and professional attitude. If you need a sample cover letter with these tips as well, then help yourself by clicking on the link given below.

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