Cover Letter for Abstractor

Pertinent information in any field is necessary to get to its core value. Only with rightful information, process could be implemented and goals achieved. However, collecting important pieces of information and presenting it in an abstract format is very time-consuming and need some skills. This type of tedious work is performed by abstractors. They are employed in real estate, medical, legal and scientific field to compile information from different sources, check its authenticity, and present only those necessary and important details in one single document known as abstract.

Depending on the choice of filed, an abstractor has to take a relevant training. If the field of law is your interest and you want to be a legal abstractor, a certification course that can offer your knowledge on legal concepts is necessary, including college education. Only then you could extract, evaluate, and present information from legal sources. In short, your must be able to research, scrutinize, and incorporate information into one single document in easy to understand language.

Cover Letter Sample

Marcus J. Pittman
1272 Carolyns Circle
Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: 214-688-0364

October 01, 2013

Joaquin S. Hake
Hiring Manager
Clear Title Company
2429 Grove Avenue
Dallas, TX 75230

Subject: Application for the position of Abstractor

Dear Mr. Hake,

I have read your job advertisement on for an Abstractor position, and I feel you can easily consider me suitable for it since I have the requisite qualifications and experience you need. I can collect legal information and insurance details from the right sources and present it in an abstract form with pertinent information.

Having completed a legal training, I possess the knowledge of legal concepts and can research, evaluate and present law texts in a clear way. Whether it is for purpose of examination or future reference, I have the ability to summarize any statute section or case law. Further, I am experienced in searching for public records, preparing and issuing title insurance policies, property descriptions, and lease documents.

My investigating and analytical skills are my core strength your organization can make optimum use of. Further, I can interact with clients, realtors, sellers, insurance agents, and lawyers due to excellent communication skills. I want to tell you more about the things I can possibly do for your organization. For that, we have to meet at the earliest and at your convenience.

Call me at my phone number during the daytime. I appreciate your time and efforts put in reading my cover letter. Please have a look at the enclosed resume. Thank you very much.


Marcus J. Pittman

Enclosure: Resume

This sample cover letter shows the manager that the applicant has the knowledge of the legal concepts and is experienced in gathering information and presenting in an abstract format.

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