Activities Manager Cover Letter

When applying for the activities manager's position you need to know the profile of the company well to be able to understand the kind of work you will need to do and the issues you will have to deal with because troubleshooting is one of the essential duties of a manager.

Cover letters are business letters which are written basically to attract attention and it functions like a promotion letter. It is a letter that presents your best achievements. It is a good idea to present your sellable qualities for the applied post. Ensure that you do not repeat the points mentioned in the curriculum vitae or resume. The following sections will tell you how to write cover letters along with the format and an example of the activities manager cover letter. Have a look at some important tips first, when writing the letter.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

When you are writing a cover letter, please keep in mind a few things like not to write it in hand, but it has to be typed. The length of the letter should be just one page. Try and finish the letter in two or three paragraphs at the most. Ensure a mistake-free letter, before sending it across.

The matter is usually divided into two parts namely, the introduction paragraph and the closing. In the introduction paragraph itself, you need to combine the body and mention how you came to know of the vacancy. Mention two things in the letter, first, what is the source of your knowledge about the vacancy and specifically mention the post you are applying for in the organization.

Activities Manger Cover Letter Template

The following is a template that you can fill up with your details and qualities. Mention what projects you have carried out and in what ways it has contributed to the success or growth of the establishment.

Name Surname
Flat No. ___, ______ Apartments
___ Street, ______ Colony
City Name
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - xxx xxxx

Date (mm-dd-yyyy)

Name Surname
Name of Organization
City Name

Mr. / Miss. ______,

Re: Application for Activities Manager

I write to you regarding the available designation of Activities Manager in (name of the organization). I came to know of the vacancy from (the organization's name). I wish to apply for the said post as I believe I can do justice to the responsibility. I have been in the managing position (write your previous organization's name) from the last (duration of your work experience). I feel proud to say that I have the following things in my credentials:

My expertise is in the field of ____________________. I am confident I can substantially contribute to the organization. Hence I would like to meet you for discussing about the job.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Activities Manger Cover Letter Format

Torque Earnest
Norman Housing Society
Fragrance Block 7, Parfumellia Road
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - (251) 776 9812


Kingsley Ernest
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Department
Alabama Center for Event Management
Patrick's Road - 13

Mr. Kingsley Ernest,

Re: Application for the post of Activities Manager

The notice about the Activities Manager's post in Alabama Center for Event Management published in the Employment Journal on 05/02/2011 is making me write this letter to you. I have organized many fashion shows and youth convention programs in various colleges in Alabama. The popular music event, Raga was also managed by me along with a team of juniors when I was in Maverick Event Managers Association.

I am sure you would like to meet me. Contact me on any week day. Thanking you for your valuable time.

Yours Sincerely,
Torque Earnest


A lot depends on the way you present yourself and that is exactly what your resume does, creates the first impression on the employer. Make sure to pen down your achievements in a way that shows you have contributed your efforts selflessly.

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