Activity Director Cover Letter

Activity directors are in high demand nowadays with the corporate sector indulging in recreational activities for the employees. The activity director job description is not only restricted to managing and executing activities for the employees alone, but for their whole family, including children. So an activities director is responsible for organizing activities for various age groups and genders too. Apart from this, the proper execution of such activities and managing the entire event becomes his responsibility. There are many more things that an activity director needs to take care of. But as of now, let us have a look at how to write an activity director cover letter.

Activity Director Cover Letter Format

This section of the article deals with the way of writing and placing the contents of the activity director cover letter. Have a look at the following example of the layout of the letter.

Applicant's Name
Postal Address Line 1
Postal Address Line 2
Email Address
Contact Number


Addressee's Name
Organization's Name
Postal Address
City Name.

Re: Referring to what employment you are interested in

Yours Sincerely,
(Applicant's Signature)
Applicant's Name

Enclosures: Resume, Certificates, Other Documents

This is the format of a cover letter which is common for all similar letters for various purposes. You can even replace the lines by filling in your details and personalizing it before taking a print out and sending it to the respective person.

Activity Director Cover Letter Sample

Jolly Rogers
The Caribbean Apts.,
Block D, No. 32,
Ocean Street,
Contact Number - 12345 67890


Captain Jack Haddock
HR Manager
St. Peter's Event Management Firm
St. Peter's Street 45,

Mr. Haddock,
Re: Activity Director's Post

I understand you have a vacancy for the Activity Director's post and want an urgent filling; this letter is regarding my interest in the said post. I have a wide experience in handling sports events for children and men alike. I was also one of the board directors of the famous XYZ Associates. The rest of my qualifications are mentioned in my resume attached herewith.

Kindly consider me for the post; I am sure the organization and I myself will have a bright future with the association. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Jolly Rogers.

Enclosures: Resume, Certificates, Other Documents

So this was an example of the activity director cover letter. Remember to put in your highest achievements in this short letter to attract the reader's attention and ones that will make him want to read your other documents. Type the letter on your computer and get a hard copy of the same. It is preferred to give a typed letter. And do not forget to check for any spelling mistakes and little things like the dates. All the best!

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