Advertising Operations Manager Cover Letter

An advertising operations manager cover letter is written when you wish to be employed in a particular organization. The letter is accompanied by your resume and talks about how you are interested in the vacant position, where you saw the notification or heard of the post. You also have to be bold enough to mention the skills that you think will help you having an edge over other candidates applying for the same job profile that might be helpful in the due course of your work.

Writing Tips

This section of the article is very important because it gives you the very important pointers of how to write a cover letter for advertising operations manager cover letter.

The purpose of writing cover letters is to support your resume. Everyone makes a resume but rarely just few percent of people accompany it with a cover letter. Cover letters ensure your message is put across the reader, which in this case would either be the recruiter of a firm or the employer himself or herself.

Cover letters are to be typed and has to be error-free by all means. The length of the letter should ideally be just a page because you want the reader to pay attention to your resume and not waste much time in this letter.

Mention your USP (Ultimate Selling Proposition) as they say in the advertising arena. You have to learn how to do this because in this world of competition it is all about how well you present yourself and are able to convince your opponent.

Since it is a formal letter the font face and size has to be standard, say Times New Roman or Calibri and a size of 12 should be fine. As for the placements of the contents of the letter, kindly see the following.

Sample Advertising Operations Manager Cover Letter

Take hints from this sample advertising operations manager cover letter and draft your own. Mentioning about how you like the company where you have applied is a good idea. As mentioned before, selling-ability is what really matters try and convince the reader (the recruiter or employer) of how you can contribute towards the betterment or profit-making of the organization you are seeking employment in.

Maria Ernest
5 - Ernest Bungalow
St. Hemmingway Path
Bourgeois Avenue
Cell Phone Number - 543-2765-897


Rachel Fernandez
Recruiting Officer
Human Resources Department
Fantasy Advertisers Ltd

Re: Application for Advertising Operations Manager

Miss. Rachel,

Thank you for posting the notice for the vacant post of Advertising Operations Manager in your firm. I am interested to be a part of Fantasy Advertisers Limited being in the said position. I hold 2 years experience and have handled many ad campaigns in Maryland where I was employed earlier. Given the fact that I wish to settle in Massachusetts I am looking for a well paying job that suits my needs and desire to excel. I have gone through the technical requirements for this particular position and am very confident of being the best candidate for the position.

I would like to meet you in person and talk about it if you could manage to spare 45 minutes with me. Thanking you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,
Maria Ernest.


This is how you should draft your letter. Convincing the decision is up to you as to how you wish to do it, i.e. by simply stating what you have done or by giving facts and figures. That is your choice. Just remember to be confident. Best of luck!

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