Analytics Manager Cover Letter

The analytics manager cover letter will add value to your resume. It is written to emphasize on your desire to join a particular organization hence every job application you submit will have a personalized cover letter. The letter has an introduction and body like any other formal letter. It is interesting to note that an analytics manager cover letter is not a business letter but is a formally addressed informal letter. The cover letter is not a necessity when you submit the resume and application for a particular position in a company. But writing one will surely give you the extra weightage for winning a call for an interview.

The resume is replete with all the required details for the recruiter or employer so the analytics manager cover letter has to give some additional details to the addressee. It should be regarding the analytics manager's position, for example, mentioning which qualities you think are the most impressive which can be utilized for the job.

The following gives you the format of the cover letter and an example too for you to have a guideline for drafting the analytics manager cover letter. Have a look.

Analytics Manager Cover Letter Format

Starting from the top left, first comes the contact details of the sender, then the date, addressee's details, reference or subject line, the main body, conclusion and lastly, the enclosures section.

Format of Analytics Manager Cover Letter

Name of the Sender
Postal Address
E-mail Address
Contact Number
Date (in the MM-DD-YYYY format)

Name of the Addressee
Designation Held
Organization's Name

Re: Post applied for (Analytics Manager)

Salutation: Mr. / Miss. Last Name,

Body of the Letter: Ideally the body of the cover letter should contain the position you are applying for and how you think you are the most suitable candidate for the position. Try and convince the employer by giving some examples of how you have proven to be a valued employee in your previous organizations.

Closing of the Letter: The closing of this letter may include your wish to meet or talk with the employer. This is basically for showing genuine interest in the job.

Salutation: Yours Truly
Name of Sender

Enclosures: Whatever documents you attach with this letter, e.g. resume, certificates, etc. put them in a numbered or bulleted list here in a listed form.

Analytics Manager Cover Letter Sample

Justin Salt
17, The Salt Lake Residency
Dallas Residential Society - 3
Washington DC
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - 523 454 3765


Eva Martin
Human Resources Officer
Administrative Department
Washington Center for Analytics
Washington DC

Re: Application for the post of Analytics Manager

Miss. Martin,

I am responding to the notification posted in your official website dated 08/11/2011 for the vacant position of Analytics Manager. I read the specifications of your terms, conditions and appreciate them. I have also read the policies that you have for the employees. I am very keen to fill the said post as I believe in my capabilities and doing full justice to the responsibilities described in the job description.

I have attached the resume along with some other documents enlisted below; kindly have a look at them. Hope to hear from you soon. Kindly contact me on my e-mail address or you could call me too on any week day.

Thanking you very much for your time.

Yours Respectfully,
Justin Salt


Follow this format for writing the analytics manager cover letter. If you feel that you have done some substantial work in your career till date, feel free to mention it. Anything that allures an employer should be put in as it increases your chance of being selected. We wish you best of luck!

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