Area Operations Manager Cover Letter

An area operations manager is supposed to do a very responsible task of gathering information, making reports from the various subordinates under him working on specific tasks that are similar in nature to his job but with lesser quantum. The responsibility of the manager is similar to that of a manager who takes care and monitors all the branches given under him for seeing they function properly, are able to produce profits for the organization, implementing the schemes and policies introduced by him or her, recruiting new people, etc. The area operations manager cover letter should speak about all the qualities that are required for filling in this position and handling such responsibilities successfully to the employer.

The work profile may consist of many things like that require leadership skills, ability to make people believe in you and follow your instructions, ability to make him or herself a leader whom everyone likes and one who is capable of analyzing the employees under them and making the most of them by utilizing them as their biggest resources. This quality is also useful when one is involved in the hiring process, judging people by their behavior, body language, and knowledge, etc., and gauge in what ways they can be put into use.

When you are applying for the area operations manager's job you need to use these skills in the letter i.e., mention them in the cover letter so that the employer is updated on these important skills of yours and you increase your chances of getting a call for interview. So here, we see a sample area operations manager cover letter in the following section.

Sample Area Operations Manager Cover Letter

Martina Smith
21 Lincoln Street
Cinderella Street, Fairy Tale Society
Nebraska - Western
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (308) 245 2454


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Administrative Department
Goldilocks & Wolverine Woods
Nebraska - Western

Dear Miss. Earnest,

Subject: Job application for Area Operations Manager

The reason for writing to you is the notice for the vacant positions of Area Operations Manager in Goldilocks & Wolverine Woods, which I saw on 09/11/2011 in the newspaper Nebraska Times Now. I formally apply for the position through this letter of mine. Not only have I read and understood the demands of this designation in your firm but I write also to tell you that I am the candidate you are looking for. I have been working for seven years in this field with various top builders in the U.S.A. Being in the military services for ten years have taught me adjusting and adapting to various places and people. This has helped me immensely in forming good relations with my customers who rely on me blindly. So far, I have never had any complaints and my records have always been above average.

I believe my experience can be utilized to the full in your organization and besides that, the reason of my interest in applying in this organization is the employee friendly policies you have. I have gone through them on your official site. I would surely love to work with you. Please get in touch with me for the same.

Thanking you in earnest.

Sincere regards,
Martina Smith

Attachments: Please find the following documents attached to the letter:

Now you know how to write an area operations manager cover letter and can start drafting the letter by yourself. Only thing you need to do prior to that is find out the name and designation of your addressee and also about the firm where you are applying. The reason behind this is to be informed and have sufficient confidence to be able to convince the reader of what you will say about yourself. So we wish you all the luck and give your very best!

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