Athletic Director Cover Letter

Athletic director cover letter must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the sports and administrative capabilities. He or she should have the eagerness to work and guide athletes. The tone of the cover letter should be persuasive and have strong writing. The goal of the letter is to convince the principal or the dean of the institute to read and consider your resume.

Job description of athletic director

At high schools and colleges, there is great variety of sports offered and this makes it important to have an athletic director. The athletic program includes hiring coaches, scheduling, budget preparation, facility management and promotion. Also the candidate requires to be organized and should thrive in a position of leadership and the most important of all he or she should enjoy sports.

Tips to write a cover letter for athletic director

Sample Cover Letter for Athletic Director

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Recipient's Address:

Dear Mr. MNP,

I wish to apply for the position of athletic director as advertised in the local magazine last week. I have the necessary skills and qualifications for the post and also the necessary experience. I truly believe that what I have to offer to (name of the institute) will be of great help to the company.

I have a B.S degree in sports and management at (insert the name of the university) at (mention the name of the place). I also have a 5 year of experience working as an athletic director at (insert the name of the previous company). Here, I was employed to oversee sports activities and coach individuals.

I am proficient at organizing, planning, scheduling and maintaining all types of sports and other recreational activities. I am familiar of team building techniques and feel capable of creating an atmosphere where team members are fully active and engaged with their work.

I understand how an athletic director has to travel and keep unsocial hours and sometimes work for long hours. This is possible occasionally especially when team members are playing away. These are some extra training and exercise regimes that I accept as an important part of the job.

I am aware of these necessary administrative duties and managing day-to-day duties. I also understand the importance of the long-term strategic planning.

I am sure about that my proven ability to maintain and manage these highest standards as an athletic director will benefit the university and make a significant contribution.

I may be contacted at (insert contact details) or by email (insert your email id). I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you soon. Thanks for this opportunity and to be considered for the post of athletic director.

Yours sincerely,

(Full name):

Enclosed: resume

These are some tips and sample to write an athletic director cover letter and create a strong impression with the potential employer.

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