Auditing Manager Cover Letter

Auditing is the process of internal as well as external review of an organization or business process. Auditors work in financial, information systems, organizational and quality control in business, organizations and consulting firms. An audit manager is the one responsible of overseeing an audit branch, department or division. This is a supervisory position with many organizations. Writing an eye catchy resume is definitely important to land an interview, nevertheless a cover letter should not be neglected. The auditing manager cover letter plays vital role because it determines your working status and expresses your interest in the job.

Knowing the job responsibility of an audit manager will help you to write the cover letter for such a position. This will assist you in the best possible way to write the letter and create a good impression upon the potential employer.

Job responsibility of auditing manager

The auditing manager is responsible to create annual audit schedules which pertain to the audit cycles. This is then approved by executive management or may be by an appointed audit committee. While planning for audit schedule, the audit manager takes into consideration staffing and personnel, resources, past records of audits and other key personnel in various departments.

Below is a sample auditing manager cover letter that will show you to write one. Take your time to create it as this is the most important of job application as it will help you get noticed.

Sample Auditing Manager Cover Letter

Your name and Address:


Recipient's Address:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Last Name),

As per the advertisement on the job site (mention the source of the job site), I would like to apply for the post of an auditing manager. I have attached my resume for your further attention and consideration.

I am quite confident that you will find my resume that matches up to the position at (mention the name of the company). I have a degree in accounting from (mention the name of the institute). In addition to this I have seven years of experience working as an auditing manager in (name) at the private sector level. This is what I feel you are looking for in the auditing manager position. I am well versed on all accounting methods, software and procedures involved here. For the five years I have been in charge of an office of a qualified auditing professional.

I believe my academic background along with my professional experiences that will provide a solid foundation for the auditing position.

I am enthusiastic about meeting you and discussing on this more. It would be kind of you if you could call me at your convenience at (insert your contact details).

Thanks for posting this great opportunity and I look forward to meet you soon.

Your name:

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

This is how you can write an auditing manager cover letter. Make sure that the letter is written following the right format with no grammatical errors. This is important because the letter is going to define you and help the employer top decide whether they should call you for an interview or not. A creative and error free cover letter is sure to impress your employer.

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