Cover Letter for Case Manager

Life is full of unprecedented events. It is not in human capacity to be prepared for every single episode the almighty has planned. We need to have someone who can show up right way to tackle and come out of any awful situations in personal and professional endeavors. A case manager is that someone who takes training in order to help people deal with unhappy circumstances. He or she is similar to a social worker whose aim is just to help families lead a healthy life, and organizations to minimize industrial relation problems and increase productivity.

Job Description

The qualification that case managers have is used in health-care sectors, insurance and manufacturing units. They are employed in hospitals, community-assisting agencies, rehabilitation centers, hospices, disability, aging, child welfare, occupational services, immigration services, etc. Hence, job descriptions vary according to the nature of employment. For example, in the health-care sector, they would work together with social workers and offer advice to families in dealing with medical, drug addiction, financial, and psychiatric problems. In manufacturing units, they would converse with unions and workers to rectify and find solutions on stress levels and production issues. They will also help workers in case if there is an accident within the company premises no matter the mishap has occurred due to fault of anyone.

Sample Cover Letter

Ted Thomas
498 East Camelback Road
Phoenix, Arizona

September 1, 2013

Sarah Parker
Hiring Manager
Selfless Service Inc.
239 East Thomas Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

Re: Application for the position of a case manager.

Dear Ms. Parker,

This letter is in regard to your job advertisement published in today's newspaper “The Times,” for the position of a Case Manager. I am interested in working at your counseling and treatment center at this similar position. I have attached my resume to help you identify my capabilities at length in filling up the vacancy.

I believe this available position matches with my qualification and experience. I hold a valid and current social worker license and a degree in the relevant field. I am currently with Angel Hospital and is responsible for offering caring and counseling session to patients and their families.

I have handled around 500 cases in my seven-year of spotless and bright career. I truly love and enjoy a lot seeing people living a normal life after a severe bout of addiction and stress. I have read lots of books of psychology, and it has helped in understanding people's nature a lot. I also have experience in handling any type of complex cases relating to all ages. I am a compassionate and soft-natured person with excellent communication skills.

I believe together we can help reform many lives with our common goals. Please ring me on (602) 306-2087 whenever you are free. I am thankful to you for reading this letter.


Ted Thomas

Enclosure: Resume

This cover letter focuses on careers related to health-care sectors. The applicant can use the format and style for other sectors such as insurance and manufacturing units with some changes.

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