Category Manager Cover Letter

Category management is concept of retailing wherein the different range of products that sold by a retailer are broken down into discrete groups of similar related products. This is a systematic and a declined approach to manage a product category for a strategic business unit. Writing a category manager cover letter is beneficial if you apply for such a position. This letter should introduce your resume to the employer. Make sure you research the organization or the company and the position before writing it.

Job responsibilities for a category manager

Before you write the cover letter, it is good to know the duties and responsibilities for a category manager. A category manager is responsible to draw on the latest industry trends and leverages data available from most of the leading solution providers.

He or she is further manages the category hierarchy which by creating, modifying and deleting particular categories. By category hierarchy, means organizing products or services offered by the store. Managing products, expected inventory records, vender information, inventory and return reasons are some tasks performed by task managers.

Below is a sample cover letter for category manager that will give you the basic idea to write such cover letters and increase your chances to get a call for an interview.

Applicant name and address:
Contact details:
Email address:


Employer's name:
Company's name:
City, state and zip code:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (employer's name),

In response to the post of category manager, I have hereby enclosed my resume for your review. My educational qualifications and experience match up the requirement for the job posting. I would like to be considered for the position.

I am a result oriented individual with a good progressive management experience. My management skills strongly emphasize on team work and the principles of lean manufacturing. Evaluating my resume will further acquaint you with my educational background and qualifications for the post. Furthermore, I have an experience as a category manager for two of the companies (insert the name of the companies and the years of experience). During this span of time, I was responsible for all aspects of operational success in my department. I have also served as a chief operating manager for category needs both for external and internal. I believe and have always worked as a team. I can take up initiative as needed. I communicate well and can multitask.

I would be grateful if we could meet and discuss on this further. I can be contacted at (insert your email address) or you can also email me at (insert your email address).

I appreciate for the time you have taken out to review this. Thank you so much.

Your name:

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificate.

This is how you can write a category manager cover letter. Make sure you always design it for each purpose according to the requirement for the position. This should effectively explain the reason of your interest in specific organization and identify your most relevant skill and experiences.

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