Catering Sales Manager Cover Letter

Catering sales managers are responsible to generate billion dollars a year in catering industry. Many hotels, restaurants and event venues employ catering sales managers. They usually must have prospecting, selling and negotiating skills and also a basic of computer knowledge. This is preferred because of database programs which are frequently used in this profession. Hence, your catering sales manager cover letter should cover all your important credentials that will help you stand out among the rest of the candidates.

Job responsibilities of a catering manager

It is good to know the duties and responsibilities of a catering manager, as knowing this will help you know what to and what not to include in your cover letter.

There are special of events where many people or business comes together in a hotel or a particular conference space. In such events, a catering manager is always involved. They are usually responsible for the sale and delivery of menus for such large group of people. At times, the manager's duties may go beyond this.

Other responsibilities include achieving financial goals which is for both food sales and beverage sales. They further have to convince the clients that their company is meeting the spaces and the menus which are the best for the price.

Employers also look for catering managers who must retain a good working relationship with their clients so as to ensure a repeat business. They must also reach out to the potential clients whenever they are need of.

Below is a sample cover letter for catering sales manager that reflects the job seekers knowledge and experience in this field.

Applicant name and address:
Contact details:
Email address:


Employer name:
Company's name:
City, state and zip code:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (employer's name),

I am writing this in response to the advertisement in the (mention the source of the job vacancy) for the post of catering sales manager. I am confident that the requirement you have listed for the position is something that match my credentials. I believe and have the confidence that I can contribute significantly to the company's sales. Hence I have enclosed my resume for your further consideration.

I had always loved to work in catering sales that brings quality and enjoyment to many events. As a manager, I would sustain high service standards, retain established clients and also develop the off-season business. Furthermore, I have the ability to talk and maintain a good work relationship. This has given a numerous distinctions that are characterized with my career. I was awarded a "best manager" which was composed by an elite group of top executives in my previous company.

My tract records in sales can be a great asset to your hotel. This is sure combination of excellence.

Please give me a call to arrange a meeting to discuss on this more. I can be contacted at (insert your contact details).

Thank you so much for your time and considering my letter.

Your name:

Enclosure: resume and experience certificates

This is how you can write a catering sales manager cover letter and improve your opportunity to get a call for an interview and eventually get your desired job.

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