Executive Manager Cover Letter

You have made an executive resume and now you are all set to impress the employers by sending them your resume. However, make sure that you don' forget the cover letter and that to a powerful one. A great resume will open the doors and a compelling cover letter can add more effect to it, because it is an important part of your employment process. It has been proved that most of the times only the cover letters are read and not the resumes.

It may happen that you will never come to know what got you noticed your executive manager cover letter or resume. However, if writing a cover letter is not your forte, then here are five steps that will teach you on how to do it right:

Here is an example executive manager cover letter to guide you further.

Sample Executive Manager Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Sienna Rogers
842 Miracle Street
California, CA94853
Mobile: 284-294-4856
E-mail id: r.sienna@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Ross James
Chief Executive Officer
Financial Services Inc
375 Mariam Street
California, CA94857

Date: June 8, 2011

Dear Mr. James,

As per our telephonic conversation about the position, I am sending this application and resume for further consideration. With good management experience and consistent success with marketing management and high-level sales, I am sure than I will be able to make a good amount of contribution as a member in your executive team.

I have a strong background in revenue building and excellent global marketing experience with growing and developing distribution channels. For instance, in my current role I have seen considerable increase in consumer retail channel sales with more than 56%.

I have developed effective and strong working relations with the management, sales staff and colleagues and I would like to describe myself as a 'self-starter'. From the information that I came across on your company website, I think that I am a natural fit for your corporate culture. Especially in relation to all the ethical positions in your company has got in-relation to all workplace relations and governance.

The international executive manager position would be an exciting, new challenge for me that I am sure will result in more profits for your company. I have worked in Asia and Australia and now I am interested in staying and working in United States. I am willing to travel if the position demands. I would love to welcome this opportunity for meeting and discussing our mutual interest and results that you can surely expect from me. Thank you so much for your consideration and time.

Sienna Rogers
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

This is how you can write your executive manager cover letter.

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