Human Resource Manager Cover Letter

If you are planning to apply for the post of human resource manager, then you must have a little writing talent. The post of the human resource manager will indicate that the candidate must be excellent with written and verbal communication skills. These professionals have to handle other employees in an organization. Therefore, they need to have excellent negotiation and persuasion skills to make people do jobs in the best possible way.

A human resource manager has to handle things like recruitment, retaining, training, employee grievances and labor problems. Hence, the cover letter of human resource manager must highlight all the skills and present you as an effective employee to the employer. You will have to show that you will help in building a satisfied and strong employee base, which will help in the growth of the organization.

Just think about it, if you are sitting at the place of the HR manager, you will be getting hundreds of job applications and cover letters every day. Therefore, if you need to secure the upper hand in the first go, then you will have to write a strong, persuasive, and impressive human resource letter. For writing a perfect cover letter, you will have to do a lot of research. This means that you will have to learn about the organization, the position you are applying for and its policies. This will be helpful in tailoring the letter, which will get you noticed.

Your cover letter should cover up everything like interests, experience, educational qualifications, and attributes. You will have to highlight your passion towards meeting targets and passion for joining that organization. The internet is filled with human resource manager cover letters. You can refer to the sample given below and draft your letter accordingly. However, do not copy-paste; write an entire new cover letter. Refer to the format of human resource manager cover letter below and draft your own letter.

Sample Human Resource Manager Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Brian Cruz
850 Pine Tree Lane
Frederick, MD21703
Mobile: 240-409-1651
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Terry Brown
Magnum Publications
2492 Timberbrook Lane
Grand Junction, CO81501


Dear Mr. Brown,

An efficient human resource manager will be defined by different things - as it is said in your advertisement looking for someone to fill this position. I have the communication skills, experience and required education, which you need, along with an unparallel enthusiasm for what I have been doing.

I have supervised human resource departments for more than 15 years now, and now I know my way around this department very well. I have mentored, trained, and coached all my associate coaches; as well as I have also participated in department hiring, hiring fairs, events and overhauls, which will help in evaluating employee efficacy in an organization. I always work hard to get the organization I work for the best and quality employees that they look for. This usually needs detailed industry knowledge, comprehensive research, proper coordination with all the executives, high-level of facts and timely communication. I thrive for this role.

To know more about what all I will be bringing to the position of human resource manager, you can contact me at any time on 240-409-1651 or e-mail me at I would like to meet you for learning more about your organization goals and history. Thank you for your time.

Brian Cru
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume, Work Portfolio and References

As a future employee of human resource department you should know, what things you need to write or avoid for getting noticed. Make sure that you are up to the mark and give the employer no chance to reject you. Good luck!

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