IT Project Manager Cover Letter

IT project managers are considered as an important asset in the organizational structure. An organization will have the best of team members intact, but if there is no project manager in place for handling all the start dates, completion dates and budget there are very low chances that anything will get accomplished. Project managers are valuable employees since they organize time, resources, tasks and the employees. All these elements are required for coming together and producing an effective end result.

Project management is always considered as the nuclear of all the working parts because each project will have a good plan of action. The entire concept of a project, as basic as it is, will require actions and steps taken for yielding successful completion. This is where the IT project manager comes in the picture. Everyone in the organization will have to follow the direction and lead of the project manager.

There are various responsibilities on an IT project manager like achieving all the operational objectives by recommending and contributing to the information of strategic reviews and plans. They have to make and complete action plans, implement production, ensure quality customer-services, resolve problems, determine different ways of system improvement, identify the latest trends and implement effective changes. Meeting all the financial requirements is also a part of their job, they have to make annual budget reports, schedule all the expenditures, and initiate corrective changes.

If you have all these qualities and you are still not getting a job, then its time you realize where you are lacking. Write a good and impressive cover letter to get noticed. Below is a sample IT project manager cover letter that can be helpful to you.

IT Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Your Contact Information
George Voss
3479 Calvin Street
Owings Mills, MD21117
Mobile: 443-394-5995
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Catherine Jones
Global IT Solutions
1676 Wood Duck Drive
Marquette, MI49855


Dear Ms. Jones,

If your organization is getting ready for international and domestic expansion and you are looking out for someone who is an experienced professional in every aspect of this initiative, then I think my credential will interest you. My background mainly encompasses of leadership success, which took place across multi-functional areas, from project management to strategic partnership and building global business. Whether you require large-scale project management of a huge turnaround, I will give you proven results.

Al these expertise are further detailed in the attached resume, is a close match to your required qualifications. A meeting to discuss the possible employment will be in our mutual benefit. I will give a follow-up call in the coming week for answering any kind of preliminary questions that you may have. Thank you for considering my application and giving your time.

George Voss
Your Signature

Enclosure: References, Work Portfolio, and Resume

It is essential that you list out all your work achievements and skills in detail, so that the employer knows that you are best candidate he/she can hire. Good luck!

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