Kitchen Manager Cover Letter

Kitchen Manager Cover Letter is a brief introduction to the job application of a kitchen manager. The job of a kitchen manager is a fairly challenging assignment. Kitchen managers need to be excellent at handling multiple responsibilities and provide quick and efficient solutions to problems that arise without any notice. They need to be able to deal with all the kitchen staff in a quiet and firm manner to ensure that quality food is served to customers within the stipulated time, hygiene is maintained in the kitchen and the store, and proper stocks are available for the cooks.

It is not necessary for a candidate to possess a hotel management degree, but this degree certainly helps. The candidate should be adept with the management of time and people. Familiarity with the procedure of preparation of different types of cuisines and with the legal, hygiene, and safety codes is essential. Also needed for this position is a cool and collected approach that helps the candidate to deal with the numerous responsibilities simultaneously. Management of inventory is another area the candidate needs to be used to. This prevents shortages of raw materials at the eleventh hour and ensures smooth working.

Writing a kitchen manager cover letter is not that difficult as long as the candidate adheres to certain accepted norms of writing cover letters. These principles concern the length of the letter, the content, and the tone. The letter should be brief and consist of a concise description of the most important capacities, experience, and educational qualifications of the candidate. The writer has to adopt a professionally persuasive tone that is attractive but not excessively flowery.

Sample Kitchen Manager Cover Letter

November 28, 2011

Franklin Kennedy
300 W. 21st Street,
Austin, TX 78705

Claus Richter
Chief Manager,
TopGun Hotels,
1000 Rio Grande Street,
Austin, TX 78701

Dear Mr. Richter,

This is with reference to your advertisement in "The Washington Post", dated November 23, 2011, inviting applications for the post of kitchen manager with your esteemed group of hotels. I hereby submit my application for the said post. I have eight years experience in the hospitality sector, including four years as a kitchen manager. I am seeking employment with a growing organization that is well known for its coherent and vibrant working culture.

I started my career as a receptionist in the hospitality sector. During this experience, I completed my graduation in hotel management. This enabled me to move on to the position of an assistant kitchen manager and then on to a full kitchen manager. This professional journey has acquainted me with the entire spectrum of duties related to managing the kitchen and the customers, including demanding customers. I am well versed with all the safety and legal codes related to restaurant kitchens and I am fairly skilled at getting things done through people in a smooth manner.

Other areas of my expertise include management of the inventory levels and ensuring proper order and cleanliness in the store room, overseeing the cleaning of kitchen floor and tables to maintain standards of hygiene, dealing with unforeseen circumstances by providing leadership, and assumption of responsibility during special and promotional events. During the execution of all these responsibilities, I invariably maintain high standards. My graduation and experience provide me with all the ingredients of a seasoned kitchen manager.

It will be a great opportunity to work with one of the leading brands in this sector. If given the opportunity, I will leave no stone unturned in providing top class services. I have attached my resume with this letter for a further elaboration of my abilities. I am waiting for your reply.

Yours Sincerely,
(Franklin Kennedy)

A Kitchen Manager Cover Letter, therefore, needs to be a brief summary of the professional competencies of the candidate. The tone of the letter needs to be persuasive without losing its fundamentally professional character. The objective of the cover letter viz. to get the recruiter to read the resume, should be effectively served.

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