Lab Manager Cover Letter

Lab Manager Cover Letter provides a crisp introduction to the most important professional capacities of a lab manager. Although the duties and responsibilities of lab managers vary according to the organization where they are employed, their general tasks are of a technical as well as managerial nature. These include allotment of tasks to lab assistants and supervision of these personnel, maintenance of discipline in the lab, and ensuring compliance of lab operations with relevant laws, safety codes, and standard operating procedures. Excellent hold over legal and safety provisions is, therefore, important.

Lab Managers find employment with chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, or fertilizer companies. Health Care laboratories and laboratories of industries that have a chemical department also require lab managers. Other tasks assigned to lab managers include keeping records of activities in the lab and of the equipment and chemicals available in the lab. Certain employers may require their lab managers to procure supplies to replenish the diminishing or exhausted ones. Computer skills and familiarity with the operation of standard software related to laboratory record keeping are also needed. The capacity to handle these responsibilities should be depicted in the letter.

Lab Manager Cover Letters should bring out all these qualities in the candidate. Like other cover letters, this letter should follow certain fundamental principles. These are related to the length, language, tone, and nature of content in the cover letter. Cover letters should be short and concise. The subject matter in the letter should define the areas of convergence between the applicant and the organization. The language should be simple with minimum use of profession specific words and the tone should be professional and persuasive.

Here is an example of lab manager cover letter:

Sample of Lab Manager Cover Letter

Henry Cook
510 Crawford Street,
Houston, TX 77002

Humphrey Brighton
Human Resources Executive,
Phalcon Fertilizers Inc.,
4000 Calhoun Road,
Houston, TX 77004

Dear Mr. Brighton,

This is with reference to your advertisement in the "Houston Forward Times", dated December 20, 2011, inviting applications for the position of a lab manager in your esteemed organization. I hereby submit my application for the said position. I am qualified for appointment as a lab manager in your organization as per the conditions of eligibility mentioned in your advertisement. I have over five years of experience as a lab manager with two different employers. I am seeking employment with a fertilizer manufacturing company as this happens to be my area of specialization. Besides, your organization is widely acknowledged to be among the top ones in this discipline.

I am experienced with all the aspects of management of laboratory. I have worked first with a pharmaceutical company and then with a fertilizer company. I possess a bachelor's degree in chemistry with specialization in chemicals used for the manufacture of fertilizers. This provides me with an excellent technical foundation. I am well versed with all the technical and practical aspects of standard testing procedures employed during manufacture of chemical fertilizers.

I am an excellent supervisor and I allot duties to lab assistants and staff very efficiently. My expertise lies in establishing a fine work culture by defining authority relationships, identifying proficient people, and assigning these people for tasks they are most suited for. I have a firm grasp over all the laws, regulations, and safety codes related to laboratories. I have good interpersonal and communication skills that enable me to liaise with other departments. I also have some experience with procurement of supplies and I am cognizant with standard software related to laboratory record keeping.

It will be a pleasure to work with an organization like yours. I have attached my resume with this cover letter. You can contact me on the telephone number or the email address mentioned above.

Yours sincerely,

(Henry Cook)
Enclosure: Resume

Lab Manager Cover Letter should focus on the technical as well as managerial skills of the candidate. The applicant's ability to supervise assistants and personnel according to laws, regulations, safety codes, and standard operating procedures should be effectively portrayed in the cover letter.

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