Procurement Manager Cover Letter

Procurement managers or purchase managers is the designation assigned to someone who sees that raw materials and other necessary services for the organization are provided promptly and without any hassles. The person is responsible in buying anything from raw materials, services related to marketing, house-keeping, transportation, etc. He has to get the best prices and quality products for the organization he is working for.

Job Descriptions

The procurement manager has to coordinate with the internal departments to know their requirements in a timely manner. He has to look for the required materials and services thoroughly in order to get the best deals. He needs to build and maintain good relationships with vendors, and agents. His skills can be used in any types of industry in procuring automobile materials, hardware, farm goods, wood for furniture, and other industrial goods used in manufacturing.

A procurement manager will keep looking for new suppliers and seek quotations to save the purchasing cost. He has to keep himself abreast with the latest market trends, liaison with suppliers, participate in project meetings, negotiate prices with vendors, agents and suppliers, review trends, follow up with suppliers for timely deliveries, manage the budget, prepare reports, and report to the senior management.

Required Skills

These skills are mostly looked for in people applying for this the procurement manager's position.

Procurement Manager Cover Letter Sample

Gerald K. Eldred
4388, Parkway Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 27150


John R. Hartley
Recruitment Manager
Wesley Industries
Phoenix, Arizona 27153

Subject: Application for the position of Procurement Manager

Dear Mr. Hartley,

Procuring materials or service for an organization is about meeting the specific requirement in time, within budget, and by applying strategic methods. This is what I have learned in my five-year career span working in the logistic department at a senior position. I believe you would agree on my brief view of the core skills required to work in a procurement department. With an interest for a procurement manager's position at your organization, I am hereby applying for the same.

Holding the key position in XYZ Steel Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., I have been a part of the 1.3 billion project whereby I handled the purchasing raw materials and looking after logistic. I have a great knack in negotiating prices with suppliers and vendors, and managed to make millions of dollars of annual savings for the company. I negotiated with a firm that supplies office stationery and managed to grab the best deals. It was in my nature of taking extra initiative that the management made me a part of the an engineering project for out expansion.

I apply holistic approaches in procuring materials and services for the employer. While doing so, the most important elements I keep on the top of my mind are quality, budget, and timely deliveries. So far, the company has never faced any kind of problem due to shortage or unavailability of materials.

I am excited thinking of the opportunity of meeting you. I can assure you that the meeting we would have will help you in filling up the position without any doubt. Please call me on 563-820-1974 to fix an appointment as you wish. I appreciate your effort and time in going through this letter.


Gerald K. Eldred

Enclosure: Resume

This cover letter can be used as a template in applying for the similar position in varieties of industries by changing the contents as suitable.

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