Production Manager Cover Letter

There are two types of cover letters. Considering the core content of the letter, a cover letter may be an application letter or an inquiry letter. An application cover letter is sent across when job seekers are sure of the job vacancy and are aware of the job requirements. On finding the job suitable to their requirements, they draft the cover letter and apply for the post. On the other hand, an enquiry cover letter is the one where job seekers present their resume with the hope that if and when there is a job vacancy, they get an opportunity to present their candidacy. A job opportunity may or may not be available that time. Beyond the purpose of the letter, there is some difference in the writing style as well. The application cover letter is in the form of a request whereas enquiry cover letter is in the form of a question. Hence, job seekers must remember to maintain this difference and portray it well in their cover letter.

We have provided below a type of enquiry cover letter in form of production manager cover letter example. Go through the template to understand the exact nature and format of an enquiry cover letter. Find here a crisp overview of the production manager job profile.

Production Manager Job Description

A production manager is a management expert who oversees the production process of a manufacturing unit. He is responsible to ensure the organization achieves its set production targets under all circumstances. He coordinates with sales department to keep track of product requirements and purchases department to ensure sufficient resources are available. Another important function performed by the productions manager is to handle machinery breakdowns, wastages or unavailability of resources without hampering the production targets. Possessing communication skills is a must to ensure effective and smooth conversations with production workers and other team members.

Sample Production Manager Cover Letter

Date: October 23rd 2011

Marshall Brown
Phoenix, AZ 63352

Stanley Richardson
HR - Recruitment Specialist
Delta Manufacturing Inc
Phoenix, AZ

Subject: Enquiry for job vacancy for the post of Production Manager

Dear Stanley,

I take this opportunity to introduce myself and present my career profile for your reference. I am Marshall Brown and I seek an opportunity to work as a production manager in your esteemed organization. With an extensive experience of 4 years in production management and a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology, I believe I am well qualified to suit your criteria and handle responsibilities adeptly.

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that I was thoroughly impressed by the goodwill and growth records of Delta Manufacturing Inc, Phoenix. It is my observation that very few organizations offer opportunities and growth potential as impressive as your organization in current scenario. Also, I understand that success will not come easily and will always be subject to trials and tribulations. I believe I have the potential to apply my expertise to the fullest and ensure success for the organization. My problem solving and risk management abilities will prove valuable in ensuring uninterrupted work flow at the unit and realization of production targets.

I understand that the organization is not having any job vacancies currently. However, I request you to consider my application whenever a suitable opportunity surfaces in your organization. I would be keen on taking up responsibilities in allied job profiles as well.

Given below are my personal contact details. Feel free to contact me anytime

Name : Marshall Brown
Address : 16W, Sterling Street, Phoenix, AZ 36652
Telephone No.: 588 - 474 - 121
Email Id :

Waiting eagerly for a positive feedback.
Thanking you for your time and attention.

With warm regards,
Marshal Brown

Refer to the production manager cover letter and prepare your resume. Study the language and presentation style presented here to draft an effective enquiry cover letter.

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