Risk Manager Cover Letter

A Risk Manager, as the name suggests, is the title given to a person who takes care of any kinds of risk that may stand in between the progress of a company. He or she may protect the company's assets, reputation, revenue, employees, and shareholders' investments. The skills required to handle this position may differ according to the need of the industry. Risk managers are required to handle legal risk, secure technology and data, or develop a standard safety procedure for employees engaged in production.

Since the specialization and type of industries to apply are different, the risk manager cover letter must clearly express the type of abilities he or she could bring into the company. For example, a risk manager can also be hired to prepare a risk-management protocol that specifies the conduct of business without any risk. So, while applying for this position, the candidate must narrate in a couple of paragraphs his overall knowledge about the formation and operation of a company.

Risk Manager Cover Letter Sample

David Vigil
3419 Henry Ford Avenue
Cushing, OK 74023
Phone: 918-225-4282
E-mail id: v.david@example.com


Mr. Ronald Chapman
HR Manager
Max Global Ltd.
4315 Wolf Pen Road
Cushing, OK 74212

Subject: Application for the position of Risk Manager

Dear Mr. Chapman,

Today, I was searching on the Internet for a Risk Manger position. And my search brought me to your website. Learning about the immediate available position in your organization for the position I have been looking for gave me immense pleasure. In order to use this opportunity, I hereby, apply for the said position.

My present employer, as you will know from my enclosed resume, is Impeccable Inc. I am associated with this organization since 2009, and helped in many crucial projects. Prior to this, I have worked with two more companies in the Associate position in Risk Management Department.

My expertise include planning and preparing a risk-management protocol for safe and smooth business conduct. My experience includes undertaking risk evaluation, analyzing and reviewing development programs, liaising with the insurance regulatory department, working on maximum protection to company's assets and preparing and presenting audit reports.

I am also responsible for other important functions such as administration, employees' safety, and implementation rules and regulations. I have studied risk-management and bear a great analytical, problem solving, organization, and communication skills. My inclusion as one of the key members in your organization will be of a huge help to your organization.

It will be better if we could meet in person and discuss in details of my experience that can do a lot for your organization. Please contact me whenever you have time to decide our meeting. Thank you for your time.


David Vigil

Enclosure: Resume

This cover letter is perfect in expressing your interest and abilities to a company you are applying to. Before applying, it would be better if you could get some vital information of the company. The collected information will assist you in focusing on their needs and explaining how you can meet them.

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