Senior Manager Cover Letter

Owing to the vast competition in the job market even senior manager cover letter are required to get an interview call for the senior manager post. Senior managers are the ones who are in charge of all the departments in a company. They make most of the administrative decisions. Therefore, this important position draws of one of the best salaries in the company.

Senior managers could be managers of a specific department but most of the time, they are asked to manage all the departments. It's hard to become a senior manager, as this position requires a lot of education and experience. Openings for this position are rarely advertised in the newspapers or on the internet. Mostly, companies make internal promotions but if they do not have any candidate, they approach candidates outside the company to fill this position.

Even if you have been approached, it is still important to send a cover letter which shows the interviewer that you are truly interested in working for them. Another reason to send the letter is that companies approach multiple candidates at a time. Therefore, it is vital that you take them up on their offer because when a company approaches you, they offer an even better salary than your current salary.

The senior manager cover letter is no different from any other simple cover letter. Just a few things change, the rest remains the same. Below is an appropriate example and a few guidelines for you to read and understand on this type of letter writing.

Guidelines on how to write a senior manager cover letter

These steps should be more than enough for you write a good cover letter. See the sample below.

Sample Senior Manager Cover Letter

Paul Helmsmen
670, North Gardens
Charlotte, Northern Carolina, USA
(627) 739 2140
Cell Phone No. (333) 939 9002

Robert Glass
Vice President
FIT Spares Ltd.
11, Industry Square
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Dear Mr. Glass,

I was happy to receive a call from your human resources department on September 5, 2011, informing that I have been shortlisted for the position of senior manager in your company. I have been an admirer of a FIT Spares Ltd. and of the great work you all have done in the field of producing spare parts. I am interested in being an integral part of your company and would like to apply for this job.

I have been working in JK Spares for the past seven years. I first joined as an assistant manager and rose through the ranks to become a senior manager. I have been the senior manager for the last two years and handled the operations department for the company. During these two years, our production of spares increased by an astounding thirty percent each year.

I implemented many policy changes in my department which resulted in the production of better quality of materials and better quality control. I have even supervised certain projects of the department which were undertaken to replace old machinery with better machines. I believe in order to succeed; better products have to be made at competitive rates.

I will be happy to bring my level best to your company. Please inform me about the dates for interview on (627) 739 2149 or on my personal cell phone no- (333) 939 9002 or on even on my e-mail address. I thank you for this great opportunity and look forward to meeting you for an interview.

Sincere regards,
Paul Helmsman


Study the above given letter right before you make your own senior manager cover letter. Also, read the letter before you go for the interview as the interviewer could ask something from the letter. Hence, it is important to be truthful in the letter.

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