Service Manager Cover Letter

Service managers are required in every industry, therefore, their job will vary depending on the job or industry they are working in. For instance, service managers working in a hotel setting will have different job duties as compared to those working in a factory. Therefore, whenever you apply for a job for the position of a service manager, make sure that you check the industry you be working. If you are employed in a corporate setting as a service manager, then your job responsibilities would be coordinating, directing, and managing all the various support services that take place inside the organization. They also have to make sure that the organization is running in an efficient and effective manner.

If the organization or business is running on a small scale, then the service managers would also have to perform some of the low end tasks. These professionals have to help the organization with payroll, and take care of event planning as well. Service managers have to handle different events like job-related travel and conferences. From time-to-time they also have to take care of processing e-mails that are received by the organization, checking the security functions in the organization, monitor the energy consumption, maintain records, schedule distribution, and send materials for production.

When applying for a job as a service manager, these candidates will have to send a customized cover letter to every employer. Your cover letter will be like an electronic handshake in front of the employer. Make sure that you state all the necessary information in the cover letter. While writing a cover letter never get too personal, you have to maintain the standard business etiquette. Service manager's cover letter should be short and precise. You don't have to state your entire life history in the cover letter just the facts about your skills and qualifications would be good enough to get you a job. Here you will find a sample service manager cover letter so that you get a better idea.

Sample Service Manager Cover Letter

Fred Tobias
924 Adams Drive
Columbus, TX78934
February 28, 2011

Sherri Walton
The Human Resource Manager
Michigan Services Ltd.
Cadiz, KY42211

Dear Mr. Walton,

Re: Service Manager Position (Ref: #957)

I am sending across this letter to you to apply for the job opening of a service manager. I have gained numerous years of experience and I have excellent interpersonal skills, which I am sure will be useful for your organization. Please find my enclosed resume for your further perusal.

Over the last eight years of working as a service manager, I have achieved valuable experience in implementing and managing customer service centers that are situated all over the country. Up till now, I have handled the responsibility of more than 300 operational centers for customer service in the last eight years. In addition, I am well aware of what is required for optimizing centers, which are not achieving the required success rate and quarterly numbers. I have the ability to implement all the required solutions in timely, inexpensive, and efficient manner.

I would be glad to meet you and give you more details about my skills and career experience that I have achieved so far. If you can, please give me a call on 979-472-7575 at your possible convenience. Also, I am willing to relocate to any place your organization may require my attention. Thank you for devoting your time.


Fred Tobias

Enclosure: Resume

This is one of the formats for drafting your cover letter. There are numerous ways in which you can write your cover letter. However, make sure you don't go over-the-board while doing so. Doesn't matter how tempted you are to make your cover letter interesting, always make sure that it is written in a formal manner. Give it your best shot, all the best!

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