Shift Manager Cover Letter

A shift manager cover letter may sound uncommon but it is not. Many people, while applying for this position, send a cover letter. You too don't fall behind and send a good cover letter with your resume to secure yourself at least a call for an interview for the position of shift manager.

In places which are open for more than twelve hours a day, shift managers are required. They work in eight hour shifts and hand over the managerial duties to other managers at the end of the shift. During the shift, they are responsible for all the operations that happen in the workplace. They manage all the employees during this shift. This position is mostly found in restaurants that are open for more than twelve hours.

Restaurant managers are well paid. This is one of the highest positions in the restaurant and this position holds a lot of responsibilities. They have to keep an account of the cash that is collected during business hours and have many other such important duties. Therefore, if you are experienced in this field or you feel can do this job well; apply with a good cover letter.

Cover letters slowly have become the norm with resumes, as this gives the interviewer an insight into your personality. Therefore, don't be left out and get introduced to the letter. There are just a few things that you have to mention, other than that; you can be creative with it. See the tips for writing a shift manager cover letter given below.

Guidelines for the shift manager cover letter

Sample Shift Manager Cover Letter

Josh Rowland
92, Crate Blvd.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
(425) 732 6374
Cell Phone: (313) 456 8990

Neil Phillips
Green Palm
42, West End
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Dear Mr. Phillips,

Owing to the opening of shift manager position in your restaurant, I am writing this letter to convey my interest in filling that position. Mr. Rodriguez, head hunter of Restro Biz Agencies, contacted me and informed me that this position is vacant after your earlier manager retired. I would like to apply for this position, as I feel I can do well in the famous Green Palm Restaurant.

After I attained my degree in hotel management, I was immediately hired by Aroma Restaurant. I worked as a trainee manager and then was given the position of assistant manager after six months. I worked in that position for a year and was then promoted to the position of manager. As the restaurant's business grew, I became the manager for the evening shift, which is our restaurant's most busy period.

During the course of my employment, I won several Employee of the Month awards because of my hard work. Under my care as manager, the restaurant saw its business grow substantially and even opened a second outlet. I am great at handling employees and most importantly, I build good relations with the customers. I believe in the motto 'Customer is King' and it has served me well in my career.

I would love to give an even better performance at your restaurant if you grant me an opportunity to come for an interview. Please feel free to contact on any of the numbers given above, or even on the e-mail address. Thank you.

Sincere regards,
Josh Rowland


  1. Photocopy of degree in hotel management
  2. Photocopy of experience letter
  3. Photocopy of performance certificates
  4. Photocopy of resume

It will be better if you study the letter and make a letter of your own. However, this same letter can also be used by making the required modifications.

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