SR Manager Cover Letter

A SR manager is a senior manager who is one of the highest paid employees in an organization, and always works in spacious and comfortable offices within a team of staff. Most of the managers will spend their time travelling to different organizations in international and national market for meeting the staff and monitoring all the business operations. Regular job relocations inside the organizations office is one of the most common things for those looking to advance for the position of executive management position. SR managers have to envision the organizations future and implement effective plans, policies and strategies for guiding and directing the employees for achieving it.

They will have to coordinate and supervise the operations of the organization, and ensure that the employees have all the resources for performing their job. SR managers also have to set a fixed budget for the organization and check the expenses that happen throughout the year for maintaining its boundaries. One of the other important functions is establishing strong company compliance and controlling the standards for making sure that the company staff is following the ethical business practice. Moreover, SR managers make their organizations image by constantly interacting with the customers, government officials, employees and community organizations.

SR managers must have leadership qualities, integrity, and decisiveness, sound business mind for judgment, analytical thinking, and excellent people management skills. Effective management of recourses and finances, along with strong spoken and written communication skills is crucial for this job position. Some amount of experience in international economies and management, and knowledge about some of the languages can be an added advantage for people wanting to work as SR manager. These qualities need to reach out the prospective employers, so that you get noticed and for this you will have to write a cover letter. Writing a cover letter is not tough. This article will give you a sample SR manager cover letter that you can refer to.

Sample SR Manager Cover Letter

Victoria Smith
2118 Valley Street. Glassbro, NJ080828 856-881-9028

December 27, 2011

Ms. Esther Knight
Microsoft Solutions
62 Chapmans Lane
Santa Fe, NM87501

Dear Ms. Esther,

I am keen on working for the position of SR Manager with your organization, which I came to know, is open through local newspaper. I think that I will be the best choice for this position, and hence I am attaching my resume, which will give you an overview of all my career qualifications.

Briefly, I have worked as a SR manager for more than four firms who have been prosperous firms in New York for more than sixteen years. Also, I have a degree in Business, also a long list of references that I can offer you from the success of my management record for optimizing business beyond and above their potential. I never prefer to take my job lightly, or consider it as just a "job." I will strive for every moment for improving the bottom line of the organization by regular market research, delegation of tasks and management and optimizing various departmental efficiencies. I posses stellar interpersonal skills, know how I need to achieve results and good multi-taker.

I would like to tell you more about my detailed career if you give me the opportunity to meet you. You can call me at 856-881-9028 or e-mail me at Thank you for going through my letter.

Victoria Smith
Your Singnature

Enclosure: References and Resume

After going through the above written cover letter, you will know how simple it is to draft a cover letter. You will have to focus on the requirement of the recruiter that he or she is expecting from you. Always cater to the needs of the employer and you will be good to go. All the best!

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