Stage Manager Cover Letter

A stage manager is a person who has to take care of the complete organization of theatrical production. The job basically involves keeping all the technicians and actors on task, managing rehearsals and meetings, and staying level-headed and calm throughout the complete process, which can be physically and emotionally draining.

Although it is a difficult task, the rewards of this job are highly motivational. The main duties of the professional here are scheduling and organizing the production fall of the stage manager.

While the producer or director will usually decide the complete schedule, the stage manager will have to handle the details of keeping the production calendar up-to-date and reserving rehearsal space.

While the rehearsals are going on, the stage manager will have to take notes from the director, technicians, and actors, which also includes movements happening on the stage, changes in script, and light and sound.

After having a meeting with the others, the stage manager will then have to compile a master script, which has all the updates and details along with every rehearsal and meeting. As soon as the technical rehearsal starts the stage manager will use the master script for giving instructions to technicians.

The stage manager is responsible for almost organizing everything and keeping the master script ready, he or she will also have to make sure that everyone follows the director's vision of play. Stage managers are usually not allowed to give kind of creative input on the production, how the actors are supposed to deliver the lines, where should they stand or how the technical aspects should look.

However, most of the directors will ask some of the trusted stage managers about the whole vision of the play. If you are interested in this profession then you can start with the job application process. Here you will find a sample stage manager cover letter.

Stage Manager Cover Letter Sample

Nicholas Whalen
628 Locust Court
Los Angeles, CA90014
Mobile: 562-415-5973


Samantha Payton
Universal Studios
434 Fairfield Road
Sheboygan Falls, WI53085

Dear Ms. Payton,

Being a stage manager has always been my goal and I was pleased when I came across your opening for a stage manager, which was listed on I have training and experience in this role and I would love to join your team. I have attached my resume so that you can have a further look at it.

I have been working as a theatrical stage manager with Summit Entertainment since the last eleven years. During my years of experience I have gained a lot of experience in the field of theatrical arts of the stage production. I mainly work with suppliers, background set crew, and actors on day-to-day basis; and I am familiar with every scene display and stage equipment. To summarize, I am aware of what is required for managing any production for achieving success. I am a good leader, and well acquainted with theatrical arts, and have remarkable communication skills.

Is it alright if I come by your office next Monday during morning hours for discussing this position? Please do give me a call at 562-415-5973 or e-mail me ( at your earliest possible convenience. Thanks for giving your time.


Nicholas Whalen

Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

Whenever you write a cover letter for this position, remember to highlight your skills as a stage manager only. Do not mention any experience that is not relevant to this field. Highlight any specific achievements or awards that you have got for this profession. This will definitely help you in getting a job. All the best!

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