Store Manager Cover Letter

To prepare a perfect and impressive store manager cover letter, you need to give a thought about the job and the employer as well. This is because a cover letter is for the convenience of the employer and is a powerful tool to analyze your potential as a store manager. The job of store manager comes with multiple responsibilities and your cover letter must convince the employer of your eligibility for this position.

Writing a store manager cover letter is easy as it is similar to any other letter although the purpose is different. Many professionals do not understand the objective and importance of a cover letter and end up in losing a golden job opportunity. It is feasible to prepare a cover letter while you are relaxed as it will allow you to provide all the information easily. You might miss out some details or the other if your write your cover letter in a hurry. It is also possible that you may make spelling and grammatical mistakes which again show that you are unprofessional and ignorant. You need to display your qualifications, not boast about it in your cover letter. It is also important to be very honest with the information you provide in the cover letter as it keeps you on a safer side.

Job of a Store Manager

A store manager is in charge of handling all the operations of a store, be it sales and service, administration, recruitment, or any other activity associated with the store operation. Store managers are employed at departmental stores, convenience stores, retail stores, etc. They have to ensure that all the departments function well and follow the policies of the store. As a store manager, a person must have excellent leadership and organizational skills to manage the operations of the store. A store manager must know how to manage coordination with different departments and resolve any obstacles faced within the organization or due to external factors.

Please read the store manager cover letter sample and learn how to draft the best cover letter for this job.

Sample Store Manager Cover Letter

Jordan Roth
824, Hensley Lane, Texan Park
Denver, Colorado 24450
United States

Date: 13th September 2011

Nancy Greene
Recruitment Manager
Norman Stores
Denver, Colorado 24453

Subject: Application for the job of Store Manager advertised on Job World

Dear Nancy,

I just read the advertisement posted on Job World regarding requirement of Store Manager for your upcoming branch at City Center. I have been looking for a similar opportunity for the past couple of days and I would like you to consider my application for the same.

I am working with Just Everything Stores as a Store Manager for the past six years. As a store manager, I am actively involved in each and every activity that takes place within the premises of the store. I am also associated with the central marketing and research team that conducts market and consumer behavior research for our store. I have been awarded as a "Star Manager" for improving the overall performance of our store for three consecutive years.

I am highly skilled in maintaining a constant flow in the overall store operations by motivating the employees. I also engage in informal conversations with the customers to solicit feedback on the service and try to implement their suggestions.

You can get further information by reading my resume and credentials enclosed. Do contact me at my telephone number or e-mail id for further discussion. I would like to thank you for the valuable time you have put in to read my letter and I do expect a positive reply.

Sincerely yours,
Jordan Roth

The sample of store manager cover letter makes it clear that your cover letter must present specific and clear information that helps you in creating a positive first impression and allow the employer to decide further course of action.

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